10 Easy SEO Tweaks To SKYROCKET Website Traffic

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Learn more: https://www.theundergroundsecrets.com/
Many marketers and small businesses are having trouble getting more search engine rankings. Why? It’s because Google has over 200 search engine rankings factors

And let’s be honest, SEO is an ever-changing science. Google makes multiple updates every year to its ranking algorithm. So with so many changes, what are some SEO strategies that are bulletproof?

Today, we’re going to cover 10 simple fixes you can make to skyrocket your website traffic

In the video, we cover many relevant topics such as:

– URL structure
– Meta tag description
– Heading 1 tags

These simple and easy fixes could grow your traffic overnight.

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18 thoughts on “10 Easy SEO Tweaks To SKYROCKET Website Traffic”

  1. One question in regards to #5. You mentioned Embed a YouTube video. I use the Divi Theme (Elegant Themes) and the video module allows me to place a YouTube URL. Is this acceptable, or is it more advantageous to embed the iframe code?

  2. The first time You disappointed me just because your Low volume and Picture quality, even I can't listen and read what you are writing on boad.. Still 1 thumps up.. But please check before uploading videos

  3. Do you make a new page for each synonym too? To what extent does google recognize synonyms? Eg “dentist orlando“ and “dentists in orlando” may both have high search traffic so would you need a different page for each?

  4. Good info. But i think im not alone when i say audio quality matters. Even a 20 dollar wired mic will make a big difference. Additionally, that paper is not readable. Maybe put a text overlay on the video with everything you wrote on the paper? Just my 2 cents.

  5. 1:08 I appreciate the advice in this video, but please fix the spelling issue or proofread multiple times before uploading it. Unless this was a great use of irony, the error was only magnified by the topic you were speaking about. People will dismiss good value when they notice tiny mistakes like this. Take care.

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