19 Link Building Techniques [That Work in 2019]

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Looking for practical link building techniques that actually work in 2019?

Watch now to discover 19 of my go-to methods for acquiring amazing backlinks.

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This free training video will show my simple 3 step process for acquiring backlinks.

1️⃣ Grow Your Website’s Authority

Every effective link building should begin on the site-level. What’s awesome is that there are many ways to grow your site’s authority without any new backlinks.

Don’t forget:

One of the primary objectives of getting backlinks is to grow your site’s authority. That’s because website authority makes rankings 10x easier.

I’ll show you 6 techniques that you can use that don’t need outreach (or any new links).

#5 is my personal favorite and it’s proven to work across many industries.

2️⃣ Create Linkable Assets

Effective content creator and link builders never guess. They used data to guide their decisions. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this section. I’ll show you how to create linkable assets that will attract backlinks (without you needing to be clever). Follow the data, create the asset, and promote it. It’s that simple.

3️⃣ Stack Non-Content Dependent Link Building Techniques

Many link building techniques do not need content. That’s what this section is all about. #16 is an “untapped” technique (IMO).

Make sure you watch the entire video because I’ll be explaining how to use the bonus resources below. Also, there’s a lot of depth in this video, so take it slow and take action on each point.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below because I’ll respond to every single one.

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How to Create SEO Content: https://bit.ly/2SyIq65

Outreach Templates: http://bit.ly/2G0UATO

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27 thoughts on “19 Link Building Techniques [That Work in 2019]”

  1. Hey Nathan, Great teaching teacher! You are my Top one Expert on SEO. I know there are others which are good too, but I made my choice based on my 10 years on the field.

  2. Super informative and awesome video. One question on the cake building technique: my understanding is that the original content still remains as is with a 301 redirect linking to the new mother content. You do not remove the original content from the site altogether, correct?

  3. I have a local business (.in extension). I have built all types of links that my competitors have to their website (mostly directory submission, pdf & image sharing, web 2.0 etc.). It seems like creating and promoting link assets is not a trend among my competitors. How should I approach link building in this case? Is it OK to create valuable content and acquire links from bloggers everywhere regardless to their location or do I need to acquire country specific links only?

  4. Hey Nathan, great content. Found you on Google. Downloaded your 7 untapped link bulding ebook and now I'm here.
    =) Subscribed and watching your videos.
    A question.
    My current website is alenooliveira.com.br (portuguese). It has 2 years old and only now I'm taking it seriously.
    But I'm expanding to the english-speaking market.
    If I copy my website to alenooliveira.com, how big of a hit will it be to my rankings and mailing list deliverability? Is it important to use .com? Thanks.
    Keep going. You'll grow fast. I know how long it takes to make a video like this.
    Maybe you could also make some videos vlog type to show behind the scenes with quick useful tipps. It works.

  5. This is too advance for me as beginner to SEO but I watched it to the end and tried to understand .i am trying to start local SEO for small business .my question is do I need to use this advance stuff to rank a local website in search engines .if some one can answer will be appreciated.

  6. Hey Nathan, thanks for this video. I came from your "achor text" page on your website to know about “Power” backlinks. I have not watched the complete 30 mins video yet. It would have helped had you marked the time you talk about "power" backlinks in the video description. This way I would have understood the "power" backlinks term quickly and continued with reading the post. Scanning long post is easier but to identify a term in a 30 min long video is not easier. Please help.

  7. Hey Nathan… great content btw can you please reveal how did you out rank the seo gurus like Niel Patel and Brian dean in YouTube for the keyword link building ? I see you are ranked second for the particular keyword

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