3 Commonly Asked Digital Marketing Questions You Need To Know The Answer To

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29 thoughts on “3 Commonly Asked Digital Marketing Questions You Need To Know The Answer To”

  1. Thank you Ruan!!!! Man you just spoke my mind! This clickfunnels is complete BS!!!! You're better off with a website! You can create a webpage to collect leads on social media or from any other place! Thank you!

  2. Hi Ruan, this was another great vid especially when its relatable to my seo practices. I wanted to re-ask this question since this video is almost like a Q&A session. I fasted in a previous video about a month or two ago but here goes.. What is your suggestion when a client that has been using your SEO services, such as backlink building website and Google optimization, Etc practically says, "hey im starting to rank now, i have your citations and blog/video posts and i dont think I need you anymore" .. what would be your tactic to say/keep this client thats 'used' your services? Thx Ruan!

  3. Good Video. I actually don't mind Squarespace, they hide some of the advanced features and its a little annoying trying to do some advanced coding with Schema, etc. But overall for SEO purposes it isn't bad. For Website purposes its actually pretty good for the novice who is worried about breaking their website which is easy to do with WordPress.

  4. With funnels you can build a email list real quick without building a whole site. Not useless, just different goals. seo and real websites are more evergreen (should be).

  5. You never answered my question how do I get my URL for my website you know thrive build my website with a bag of promises and my six month contract is expired I know I have to go to WordPress and do something to buy my website to get the administrator password what do I do Ruan

  6. Amazing video "as always". One question (would be nice to get an answer: 0): Example, a company with several branches, offers regional jobs (example, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg), if we make landing pages for certain jobs (example: electrician jobs), should we make better 3 landing pages (example: electrician jobs Berlin, electrician jobs Munich, electrician jobs Hamburg) because something is also easier to rank than just (electrician jobs)? What do you recommend, how many landing pages should we make 3 or 1, what would you do?

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