3 Easy Steps To Make $3,500 Per Month Online In 2019

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Learn more: https://www.theundergroundsecrets.com/
In this video, I cover what I find to be the easiest way to start making an income online without having expertise.

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Selling websites is an easy step to getting into digital marketing for almost anyone. The difference between selling a website and marketing is that the website is a product rather than a service.

When you sell a service you’re held liable for your expertise but a website can easily be delivered without having to make large commitments to the customer

This is why I view selling websites to local businesses as the easiest way to start building an income online

In this short video presentation, I cover how to package the website, sell the website, and project manage the website so you don’t have any hiccups throughout the process

This is all achieved by following the simple system showed in the video, it is the exact same system I use to sell $12,500 packages to local clients in the CT area

If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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23 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps To Make $3,500 Per Month Online In 2019”

  1. Genuine, humble, real, down to earth, pragmatic, ethical, solid man even though we never met before. If you watch even a video from RM you'll know what I'm talking about. Keep the videos coming! 👊🏼

    P.s. I'm trying to work out a game plan for starting a digital agency. Based in Singapore. Hit me up if you're still willing to consult for free. Or drop me your rate so I can consider.

  2. Hello Ruan, this is Nitin from India I just want to tell that we are lucky to have such a prolific as well as captivative mentor like you, need your help to grow my skills and business, love from India.

  3. So who builds them for you a freelancer? As for hosting do you include the price for a specific amount of time in the price and they pay after? Do you have a godaddy reseller acct??

  4. ‘Needle in haystack’ is the feeling I get when I go through your videos ,since you really got to sift through tonnes of BS on YouTube to get to sensible stuff and that is your videos, great stuff will reach out to you soon for a coaching call.👍👍👍

  5. Ruan! I just graduated early from high school to focus 100% on this. I'm fully invested in my online business and thankful for the value in each of these videos. Coaching call?? On bois? I'd even pay for that! So count my vote brotha!

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