3 Free SEO Hacks For Local SEO If You Have No Money [Client Example]

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Client: https://texasgreenplumbing.com/
Date: August 21, 2020
Position: 18 (Dallas Plumbing)
Watch Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKluul7CaY8&t=1s

In this video, we continue our series of Texas Green Plumbing with practices after the website has launched. We cover three basic SEO hacks for local clients that we used for Texas Green a week after the website went live. In the SEO hacks, we covered:

– Listening to client calls to ensure you are targeting the right keywords
– Optimizing the Google My Business to make sure that you are optimizing the right categories, services, responding to reviews, images and more
– Using SEMRush to analyze the right keywords based on conversions to make more recommendations for the client and to improve SEO performance

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If you need to reach us for business, or want to send us mail. Here is how you can get in contact with our office:

7 N Main ST Southington CT 06489 STE 204


21 thoughts on “3 Free SEO Hacks For Local SEO If You Have No Money [Client Example]”

  1. Hi Ruan. I watch all your videos. I'm a current client as well. In a lot of your videos, you do things that aren't being done for me. For instance…I just watched this video and saw you talking about adding the clients services and prices. I just did this for myself, even though I've been a client since March. This is just 1 thing out of a bunch that you talk about and I've noticed aren't happening for me

  2. Hey Ruan Love your stuff man been learning alot, in one of your videos you advised to start off with one strategy like you started off with FB ads, What course do you reccomend to learn FB

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