$45000 From Cold Calling – Social Media Marketing Agency – How To Cold Call For New Clients

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Podcast4marketers Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency
Program Review and Notes from Sonny Tee.

A break from all the SMMA stuff and a look at a way to generate $45,000 from a 2 man call center.

Cold calling still remains the most effective way to acquire new clients for your SMMA

Many people dont believe that cold calling is effective but as you can see in this video, my partner made 45,000 bucks in one month cold calling with an auto dialer in a 2 man call center.

Keep watching the videos on the Tai Lopez SMMA course review and notes and you’ll get enough information to start your own Social media Marketing Agency.


38 thoughts on “$45000 From Cold Calling – Social Media Marketing Agency – How To Cold Call For New Clients”

  1. Good stuff my man, thank you. Very valuable for my business. The only thing that's impeding is myself.

    Ive done several cold calls and made business deals and sales myself. I was always nervous, but somehow I've done it. Well it was necessary because my products wasnt going to expose or sell itself. But I need to level up like you.. make some magic happen

  2. I subscribed and sent you a private message after the first 10 minutes. I still would like your feedback and I will check out your other stuff…funnels, legal agreements, etc. Excellent content, clearly explained, from what I've seen so far.

  3. i think what you guys have to realize too is that SMMA program is much easier than cold calling from a network marketing perspective where you actually have to prospect like dead cold or set up some type of niche lead generation.

    my dudes, unless you live in nowheretown, idaho there are tons of businesses around you and if not start dialing them yellow pages. and these businesses are already hot leads because they NEED marketing

    best thing you can possibly do is just perfect your pitching and selling skills for your SMMA, this stuff can get you rich quick if you got the hustle to go out there

  4. Thanks for info, this will save me a lot of time. TIME IS MONEY!! I may not call 1000 calls this week but I promise Sonny i will do it before this month is over with. GREAT INFO bro. I love tuning in listen to you speak that grown folks knowledge bro.

  5. In my little country any sales calling are forbiden from the state law ( survey, advertisement, sales…). The sallary paychacks are very little, so this calls are falling under the harassment. The USA are great for calling in any marketing sistem, lots of people for offering something.

  6. Quality sonny!… I really appreciate how you respond to the comments here AND how you personalise your advice to questions in the FB group – unlike a lot of other groups where questions go unanswered, you dont pull punches either. Cold hard truth. Big thanks for that!

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