5 Ecommerce Optimization Tips to Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rates

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As an e-commerce store, you make all of your money from product pages. And I am going to show you how to optimize them.
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Step #1: Optimize your meta tags – Put in your product name within the title tag and include keywords. And for your meta description be descriptive on what the product is and the benefits.

Step #2: Optimize user metrics – If people bounce off your product pages it will hurt your search rankings.

Focus on your product description, high-quality product images and maybe even add a video.

If you have reviews, showcase them as well as what people rate the product as.

Step #3: Optimize headings – Headings make it easy to skim your product page as well as tell search engines what your products are about.

Within your headings include keywords.

Step #4: Include feature lists – When people are looking for products they sometimes Google for the features.

Make sure you bullet out the main features on each of your product pages.

Step #5: Cross link – Within your product page link to other relevant products. Cross linking ensures that all of your products get indexed, which helps with your search rankings.

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14 thoughts on “5 Ecommerce Optimization Tips to Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rates”

  1. Awesome video neil, love the way you teach!

    But I have a question, how can I rank for my product categories instead of the blog of my e-commerce?
    I'm using a content technique to bring visitors, so that's why I'm asking.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Nice, I always wondered about ranking E-commerce pages. Please make a video for ranking a blog's category pages too. Those pages just have blog posts and their title and excerpts. How can we rank those pages better with just Title tag and meta-description? Is there anything else that we can add? There can be a video about it, I think. It'll be helpful.

  3. Hi Neil, thanks for this wonderful video.

    I do however have a question. Is there any chance that you would cover the step by step on how to get you facebook page or any page verified and get a blue badge? thanks.


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