7 Habits of Highly Successful SEO Experts

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What does it take to become an SEO expert?

You need to master these 7 habits!

When you watch this new training video, you’ll learn:

1️⃣ The best way to learn SEO fast (hint: it doesn’t involve reading more SEO article)

2️⃣ Why you should never wait to take action

3️⃣ Key SEO fundamentals that you MUST master

4️⃣ How to run effective SEO tests and why testing is the key to consistent SEO success

5️⃣ The art of building systems, so you can save time and scale your SEO efforts

And so much more!

Watch the video and let me know what you think in the comment section.

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23 thoughts on “7 Habits of Highly Successful SEO Experts”

  1. Very useful information. I have a confusion. I have a website which is 3 years old. but was not updated long time ago. I have revamp my website but I lost my old posts. So can you tell me whether I can again improve ranking of my old domain by adding new contents and posts and do seo or it will not get up and I need to buy a new domain and work from start

  2. Yo Nathan! Great vid! I double my clients revenue and traffic over the past 90 days through organic search. Now I’m close to looking for some more clients. How do you recommend pricing your service? Tricky topic I know! Cheers

  3. Hey Nathan, awesome video – you have been pumping out some great vids. When you speak of outsourcing the kw research aspect do you hire a VA and train them or are you looking for people who understand how to do kw research or is there a vendor you recommend.

  4. This is awesome Nathan <3 I'm really getting interested in SEO because of affiliate marketing but seems like there are more opportunities awaiting once I master SEO already. I won't stop learning!

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