7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020

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7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020 [Traffic Generation Quick Wins] || SEO isn’t something that you learn once and it’s good to go forever. Google makes over 3000 algorithm changes per year. That’s a lot of changes. So if you’re not continually testing, you’re not going to do well and outrank your competitors.Today I’m going to share with you seven SEO experiments to test in 2020.

ClickFlow – clickflow.com
Open Graph – https://ogp.me/
SlideShare – https://www.slideshare.net/
Akamai – www.akamai.com
CloudFlare – https://www.cloudflare.com/
Ubersuggest – http://ubersuggest.org

The first test that I want you to try is to AB test your headlines.

You want to come up with a handful of different headlines and test them against each other. You can use tools like clickflow.com to do this. The reason this is important is, Google is all about user metrics.

If someone does a search for something, heck, if a thousand people do a search for the same term and everyone clicks on the second result instead of the first result, what does that tell Google? The second result is more relevant. It doesn’t matter if the first result has better SEO or more back links, they do not care. It shows them that the second result is more relevant and that the second result should be ranking number one.

You can also do something in which you ask questions in your title tag. What is SEO? What is digital marketing? Questions tend to increase click throughs by over 10% according to Clickflow.

The second experiment I have for you to run is create separate headlines for social media and SEO.

Now in the first tip I talked about adjusting your headlines or your title tags, so you can increase your click through rate on Google and boost your rankings. But here’s the thing. From everything that we found, what’s loved by social media is the total opposite of what’s loved by Google.

The third experiment I want you to run is to produce a lot less new content.

And what we found is when you update your old content, make it fresh, not just a few words here and there, but update it, really make it thorough, better, make sure the links aren’t dead, everything that improves the user experience, we find that our traffic and our rankings continually gone up.

The fourth experiment that you should consider running is improving your time on site.

Google’s all about user metrics, bounce rates, time on site, click through rates. All of these things can impact rankings.

Continually updating your content, making it longer, that should improve your time on site. Internal linking, getting people to go throughout your whole site, that helps.

The fifth test I have for you to run is load your HTML files from a CDN.

Everyone already knows that page speed is important to Google’s rankings now. The fast your page loads, the higher you’re going to rank. You optimize your mobile load speed, that’s fine. You do that for desktop as well, that’s great.

So with the CDN you can use things like CloudFlare to have them host your HTML files, so that way wherever people are visiting your site around the world, you can distribute to them faster, which should improve your rankings.

The sixth experiment I have for you is LSI and search intent.

Don’t just focus on main keywords with the highest search volume. While this might drive a lot of top line traffic and you want to rank from, and even if you can, it takes a lot more time, a lot more effort, and a lot of those keywords don’t convert into revenue.

The seventh experiment I have for you is double down on video content.

The reason I want you to double down on video is one, YouTube SEO is different than Google SEO in which when you rank, you tend to rank within the first 24-48 hours you upload the video. You don’t even have to wait months.
Two, the audience in general, we want to consume content through video rather than texts now. Video’s becoming much more popular.

I get way more people coming up to me that say, “Hey Neil, I see your video content over your text based contact,” even though my text based content gets roughly three times more traffic than the video based content.

That’s the power of videos. You need to keep pushing it out there. You need to keep creating it, and I recommend you create more video content than text-based content.

So start mixing that into your overall SEO strategy especially in 2020, and that should help you get more traffic.

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44 thoughts on “7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020”

  1. You mention updating old content. I'm assuming, updating links, making sure there's no broken links, and some terminology. But to be clear. You're not rewriting old content on those pages? 🤔

  2. Sir i have dought

    If I make a site , in which I will share modapk or keys or something like this

    So I will get AdSense approval or not

    Please answer?!!!

  3. Great content Neil, I just have one question: Does CDN along with cloudflare is only to host html files or is it possible to be used for video content streaming as well let's say for companies similar to youtube?
    Would appreciate to have your answer so much, thanks in advance

  4. Thanks Neil, I tend to watch your videos while I get in my morning walk because my daily schedule is so crazy. It does make learning new skills a lot easier. I wouldn't have the time to sit down and read the same article later in the day. Spot on, keep the good info coming..

  5. Never heard some nonsense from you Neil, but recommendations in this video made it my favorite video regarding SEO. So well done Neil and BIG THANKS for keeping us updated all the time.

  6. Good job. You are right that YouTube play important role in seo. Because YouTube videos show instant( fastly) while website post has take sometimes more time to show on Google or other browser. Visitors goes to your website through your YouTube channel. Video prorcess are very productive.

  7. Hello, I have a question, when you update the content do you have to have google to index the cont again, or google will index it again,

    One more questions, is it good to use cdn for local business or not?

    Last when you update the content do you have to add the date and do you have to change the date on the content as well.

    Video content for local do you think that can also works?

    Share with how you will go about video for local?

  8. Hey Neil, I'm here following you for more than 3 yrs and I'm improving my SEO alot through your each guides. Thank you alot, you really help making SEO simple.

    Just a little curiosity about what you mentioned on the 1st point. I personally love the idea you told but won't Google take it as a click bait or something when we use title tag like "7 benefits of green tea, no. 6 will shock you"?

  9. Hey Neil, I am going to be starting a weekly podcast with episodes between 5-10 minutes. I am planning on using a transcription service and posting the transcript along with the audio in a blog post on my website. Since this podcast will be solo, I intend to create bullet points that I want to hit during the podcast. I am hoping I can use these as subheadings in the blog post.

    What do you think of editing the transcript so it is more polished and reads more like a blog post? Or should I leave the transcript more raw?

  10. Hello, Neil sir. Thanks, that's really a brainstorming video. I always love watching your videos and learned so many things in SEO. I want to become as much stronger as you in creating Titles of a content. It inspires me a lot. Thanks again.

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