8 Changes to Make to Your Website Today

The best websites are changed and updated regularly/ But there are some changes that you need to make right now to your website to make sure that it looks professional and will also look well. Here are 8 simple housekeeping tasks for your website today.

1. Contact Details

Look right at your landing page. If you cannot see a contact number of email address in 2-3 seconds then you are in trouble. People use websites a lot for contact information. If yours isn’t easily found then move on.

2. Mixed Up Fonts

The crazy mixed up font package that was used for the site originally now is not a good idea. Best rule of thumb is to stick to two fonts. Three if you want to push out a specific message. Then stop. No more please.

3. Call To Action

Like the contact details you want your visitor to do something. Looking at in interest is 99/100 not what you paid for this site to be designed for. You want a call, and email, a sign up to a newsletter or a purchase. If this isn’t happening then revisit your design and calls to action. Today if possible.

4. Structure Your Link Position

Studies and Analytics show that people do not click on every link on your site. They tend to move from top left towards bottom right. And most don’t move beyond 2-3 links. Think carefully of where you want your most important links to be. Tip, top left or first or second menu item.

5. Slow to Load – Dump the Images

Your site may be loading horribly slowly with those large sized images. Think about making them smaller. You may not see them loading slowly as you have them cached. But people with little time to spend may not be interested in watching a large image load. Reduce the image size it or replace it.

6. Unclear Message

People want their internet experience in bite sized chunks. Of course detail is great and should be on your site. But when people land on your site they will want to know right away what you do. In the age of Twitter and Facebook peoples attention spans are really, really short and they want to know quickly what you do.

7. Examples / Portfolio

Get your portfolio and products front and center. Don’t have long meandering About You text on the landing page. This turns people off. They can read that later when they are your client or customer. People seem to be shy about showing what they can do. Lose this inhibition and get your product up there in their eye line..

8. Landing Page for Contacts

When people do use your contact form don’t just leave them on the contact page itself. Direct them to another page that encourages further engagement. On my website design contact page I have an FAQ page which answers some of the most frequent questions I get from people.

You may already have done some of these steps above but I look at a lot of websites and in most cases all 8 are rarely done in total.

Source by Kieran Daly

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