A Basic (Yet Powerful) Technical SEO Audit for Beginners

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Are you fixing your website’s technical SEO issues? This tutorial shows you how to perform a basic SEO audit with one free tool: Google.
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Technical SEO often gets overlooked by “bigger” and “shinier” topics like keyword research and link building.

But ignoring technical SEO issues on your website can be the one factor that holds your website back from higher Google rankings.

While many professionals in the search engine optimization space use premium tools like Ahrefs Site Audit tool, Screaming Frog or Deep Crawl, you don’t need to use them when you’re first starting out.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Google and a few advanced search operators to identify issues that are worth fixing.

Best of all…it’s free.

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23 thoughts on “A Basic (Yet Powerful) Technical SEO Audit for Beginners”

  1. Very good video, greatly appreciated. I have question: I wrote site:stanimirmihov.com inurl:tag (I knew I'm ranking tags) – some of them are just 1-2 articles in single tag and others are single page, created from single image from WordPress.

    I think such results increase my bounce rate a lot and make people that visit my site overall unhappy. What is the best way to deal with this situation?

    P.S. Youtube SEO Advice from me: Have 1 pinned comment with top keyword and call to action in each video

  2. Hello Sam, thanks for such a great explanation. I have a query, please can you help me?
    Based on your video, when I tried doing the same audit to me site with "site:ultimohub.com", I get 177 google pages in search result. When I do the same with "site:ultimohub.com inurl:www", I get 189 in google pages in search result. Is this okay? or something wrong? Is there any duplicates happening?

  3. Hi , i check your videos regularly, you doing great work! Have a problem with something in my website but dont know what

    These pages are 3-4 months old and they not ranked in even top 100 of long tail keywords…

    best packers and movers in delhi

    In long term i want to rank for packers and movers in delhi

    Here is the page..


    I think, there is some
    on page issue but don't know what i tried a lot but couldn't find.. please help

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