A Favorable Collapse: The Upcoming Recessions Impact On Digital Marketing As An Industry

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In this video, I visualize as if an economy has collapsed. All of a sudden people were not able to advertise online because they did not have the budget to do so.

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If this happened, where would companies spend their time and attention? Likely on organic marketing methods that don’t require a ton of money on advertising spend

In the video, I cover some of the reasons you’re likely safe from an economic collapse if you’re an expert in what you do





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Have digital marketing agencies become saturated?

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29 thoughts on “A Favorable Collapse: The Upcoming Recessions Impact On Digital Marketing As An Industry”

  1. Hey Ruan, I just watched your video "BEWARE! Don't sell SEO as an agency". You mentioned that we should sell Facebook Ads and Google Ads as it is less time-consuming for us and we can easily see the result for the clients. However, in this video, you mentioned that as the recession happened, companies would not buy paid traffic. I'm a little confused. Can you help me out?

  2. What’s your opinion on [seo group buy] tools packages? Is it worth it to get access to these tools at a discount to get started & is it safe to put down my cc without having my identity getting hacked?

  3. Upcoming recession wtf? This economy is just getting started. Companies like Apple and Amazon wouldn't be expanding if there was one. Don't feed into the clickbait hype!

  4. Companies have to use marketing and advertise regardless, recession or not. Think about it. When times are good, they have more competition so more marketing and advertising. When times are bad, they have to work harder to get new customers and leverage established customer relationships. All of this requires an ad spend budget of some sort.

  5. I think some agencies will survive and even flourish. But, at the same time I think that alot of agencies and freelancers who's main thing Is F.B., adwords, etc….. ppc advertising will steadily lose clients and eventually go broke or give up before they go broke unless they have the forethought to diversify ahead of time. Not many things in life last forever and when business and the economy are going well I think its extremely important to be looking ahead and be contingency planning for as many different scenarios as possible. I am just starting my agency and am fairly new to the world of digital marketing (as a profession), however, I was a business owner (I had an environmental service/sanitation company) through the last recession and managed to pull through by playing it safe. keeping my costs low and putting off any major investments in my companies growth that would incurr large debt until the storm had passed. Now obvs every industry is different but the main thing is to be aware of whats going on so hopefully you can spot the coming storm beforehand and plan accordingly.

  6. You're absolutely right in the channels you chose. Very few people are aware that they can connect to CEO/Directors on LinkedIn and export their emails to an audience on Google ads and start advertising for 1/4 of what LinkedIn ads cost.

  7. Paying attention to the economy is something even business owners fail to do. I've been thinking of which niches to narrow down to so I can thrive through the downturn and ride the wave as it rises up.

  8. it's so true that when a recession happens if a business wants to stay around they better spend money on things that make sense, marketing to get customers and mobile friendly sites optimized to be found will be key.

  9. Winter is coming….seriously great points. I agree as well I’m working on my online businesses while diversifying as much as possible to not depend on a single source of income.

  10. Bro I have to say this is absolutely brilliant thank you so much for doing what you do you inspire a lot of people keep up the amazing work and keep conquering and killing your goals stay awesome bro!🙌💫

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