Advanced Keyword Research: 3 Actionable Tips For Experts

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How to use your keywords research to get more sales

Introduction to top 3 keyword research strategy

Tip 1: start tracking your website visitors

Use a tool called Visual visitor to get a better idea of who is coming to your website

Importance of seeing who is coming to your website

Build a list of keywords that people typed in to come to your website

Tip 2: start asking your online web leads, phone calls etc

Ask, how did you find us? If on Google, what keyword did you type in?


Build a list of keywords that people typed in

Tip 3: Start recording your leads, and listen to the words people say when they call

Example, looking for someone to paint windows and doorways allows me to add content on the website targeting those keywords


Build a list of keywords that people typed

Taking action:

Start creating keyword targeted landing pages with the keywords in your list

Modify your web pages people are already calling from

Add strong call to actions and pop ups on the website based on conversion phrases


17 thoughts on “Advanced Keyword Research: 3 Actionable Tips For Experts”

  1. Sorry for the microphone issues everyone! Just got a new one 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed these out of the box tips for keyword research rather than just plain tips like "steal your competitors keywors". Comment below you're keyword suggestion

  2. Hey Ruan,you are very informative and I have learned alot just with your videos ,I was wondering if you have a coarse ?Or can you recommend one please.
    Thank you and many blessings on your business.

  3. Hey Ruan,

    Can I ask you for a favour

    I am your follower almost from the beginning and really appreciate you and your work so far
    . You kinda inspired me to go into SEO/PPC world
    Right now I am building my Linkedin profile and I would like to ask you if you could give me a recommendation there?

    You don't have to lie or something, even something generic would be great, related to our industry.
    I am starting out and would like to have your name on my profile because you are becoming well known more and more and that would look good on my Ln 🙂


    I sent you a friend request there (Marko Ramovic) and this is my profile link :

  4. Hi Ruan, Is your training underground secrets still relavant? do the methods/video still work as good as they did late last year? Looking to buy a course asap

  5. Great video! I keep coming back and every-time you surprise me with more knowledge. Great leader creates more leaders. And fou for sure are giving ton of additional value to my company! Thank you

  6. Very appreciating video [ professional video]….
    I love your old videos [ explainable videos…]….

    I would have habit of aksing customers for what you have searched to get touch with touch us…! [ 2nd point]

    I will visit go through 1st & 3rd point…& adopt for website updates…


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