Anchor Text Guide for 2019

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Anchor text can be a tricky element of link acquisition.

No need to worry though.

This video guide will show you everything you need to know about how to use anchor text in 2018 (and beyond).

This video is from the #1 white hat SEO training course Gotch SEO Academy.

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26 thoughts on “Anchor Text Guide for 2019”

  1. For Ranking for a creatine keyword you have picked the line " Learn about creatine or does creatine work ? Shouldn't we use partial matched anchor text while surrounding the exact match ?

    Example :
    What you Picked : Learn about creatine
    What My Idea : Know more about creatine powder, side effects and benefits of creatine

    Can you explain what is right ? and why ?

  2. Nathan; thank you so much for this special informative video; I'm doing Seo for a none English site; my marketing strategy is to publish articles with anchor texts at 10 different blogs; my question is what is the maximum articles that my team can publish every day? can I share the ? same articles from my website into the blogs

  3. Hey Nathan, I have a question!

    lets say, if I create like 30 links each day for 30 days ( all unique domains ) with my brand anchor + naked url, to my root domain
    ( i have a site related to apps , domain name is something like app_ ) the domain is an expired domain, its already 6 months old in my hands.. So, i want to know if there can be a problem from google? what do you suggest.

    & Thanks for being in the seo world 🙂

  4. Do these Generic/URL/LSI anchors help push what u are really targeting for? Like your Main Keywords, I keep creating websites, getting them to page two, and all the time I just bounces out of no where to like page 5, and I relised maybe im doing something wrong with my SEO…

    Furthermore, I look into anchors and I relize im having trouble.. I don't think its my links because I was always able to rank the same way I did back in 2015 lol but now its just my anchors are way too high, Out of like 25 links 8 of them are my exact match.. do you think Fixing this, or diluting this will fix my problem? And Also Do Generic Anchors/LSI/Brand help push the main KW higher.

    Thanks for reading this, Appreciate the video and help!

    – Vaz Sh.

  5. Quick question: When your brand name is nearly exact match (such as dental marketing guy), do you see any risk in over-optimization when 70% of your branded anchor text is – in effect – partial match?

    For example: I've requested links that say "DMG" or "Justin Morgan," just to make sure I'm not putting a partial match too much. Hopefully that question makes sense.

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