Answering Questions About Web Development

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29 thoughts on “Answering Questions About Web Development”

  1. I been studying to become an full stack developer for a bit now and Iโ€™m half way in. Lately I have been feeling like Iโ€™m losing motivation or that Iโ€™m not retaining anything knowledge. I have always wanted to become an developer since I was an young kid so this is everything to me. Coding challenges makes me overwhelmed and I havenโ€™t even started on my portfolio. Any advice?

  2. Damn. Haters contacting recruiters you know…now thatโ€™s some thirsty shit. Hey, Iโ€™ve been working on a Hulu clone using HTML, css/sass, JavaScript and a little jquery. Been using your courses and a couple of books. Iโ€™m gonna start applying to html jobs out here in Chicago in a few days as I wrap up the Hulu clone. Gonna learn what ajax is next. Great vid (still watching) and I appreciate the work you put in in helping us.

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