Are These Expensive SEO Tools LYING To You!

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I often get asked, which SEO tools are the best for accurate data? I have tested many tools in my time and in this video I cover a few tools in comparison with Google Analytics data


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15 thoughts on “Are These Expensive SEO Tools LYING To You!”

  1. I'll share my experience. Which makes me question if those tools are for SEO pros or GuesSEO pros.

    You might know already from my past comments how I sell branding, website, SEO in one package to Local Businesses. So here's the my weird life experience from this tools, happens all the time:
    Example I have a client from a city with 4-5 Million people.
    This business sells Stainless Steel & Glass Railings, Modular Kitchen Makeover and other custom made furnitures. His target audience are people who own a home and building contractors. Why building contractors you might ask? Because they find such companies and give order to make 100s of Railings for balcony, staircase etc.

    Here's where all the statistical shit pisses me off: Google, keyword everywhere, ahrefs, uber suggest, etc says no one (ZERO) is searching for keywords like Glass Railing, SS Railings, and more keywords related to Railings.
    When in reality there are PPC ads running and various big companies ranking for that term.
    This client wanted me to help him sell only Railings stuff. Coz it has more money.
    Fortunately I gave zero shit about the stats and took client and not only ranked him on top but he is getting clients from site and map.
    He gets 30-50 calls and direction events 2-3 keywords related to Railings. (and growing) So we can assume that keywords are getting more than 100-200+ searches and some of it is received by my clients site/map.
    If I would have trusted this tools and stats this client would have lost so much opportunities and Money. Even I would have lost opportunities coz I wouldn't take on clients who doesn't have audience on google (according to tools and google himself).

    Guys, I'm not saying tools or Google's own stats are shit. I'm saying don't be dependent on that. And go for it when you feel you are right. Like my client was in a city with people millions of people and all the keywords related to his business showed 0 zero searches. I'm like WTF. I'll prove everyone wrong. And took my chances.

    Also I feel this google stats and tools are flawed for my country India. Mostly for terms related to local businesses. I've tried all for various business niches and 99% of time stats were pure garbage. (except for ecom)

    This wouldn't be so much off statistically in your country Ruan. Also stats were somewhat accurate for broad informational topics/keywords. Like example: How to learn digital marketing in India or Which smartphone is the best under ₹5K etc.

    Also, Believe it or not SEO algorithms work differently for India than USA. I'm observing this space from last few years. It might be obvious to many coz ratio of land area and population compared to US is different. The amount of businesses in 100Km Square here are 20 times more than that of USA. OMG, I feel like this comment got so long, I should stop.

    Thanks for reading so far. Hope that experience helps someone.
    And Ruan, bro you rock. Keep this lit 🔥 content up and coming 🙂

    Edit: sorry if first few lines were click baity. I'm practicing stuff 😀

  2. Love the video, keep em coming. Please do a video on sem rush vs ahrefs. I've found people are split on using one over the other. Semrush is courting me right now. Lol

  3. Your Videos are Really Awesome and Valuable…….😘😘😘😘😘
    I'm Watching Your Videos From Very Long Time and I Learn So Many Things From Your Videos. Thank You and Keep it Up 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Great video topic. After watching a little bit I did some digging to the site and had a few questions maybe you could answer in the comments or on another video:

    1. I noticed that the painters in CT website has been spammed/hacked — Ahrefs shows a bunch of anchors and backlinks for example:

    'can you buy lotrisone cream over the counter' and points to a page on your site ( I can't imagine that you in fact built this page so I'm just curious how it's been created and how as an SEO to deal with it? Is it as simple as disavowing the domains?

    2. The backlink profile looks like you used the Fiverr gig to get it shared on news channels but the pages containing have since been 404'd. Clearly the site is still ranking #1. Do you think that once the links have been created and indexed that's all that 'matters'?

    3. Would you still recommend that Fiverr gig in this case? Knowing that its likely to be deleted a few month's later?

    4. Judging by Ubersuggests results you paid for social shares — can you perhaps make a video on the importance of social shares and ranking? What kind of social shares are most important / strategies / gigs etc.

    Thanks! Appreciate the transparency of grey/blackhat stuff.

  5. Every tool has a option last update, last seen, or last crawl. These tools show the nearby data but very much accurate too. I usually prefer ahrefs. It the best tool for seo's

  6. I have heard others make the same statement about Semrush being inaccurate. Other free tools you can use is Serpstat. A low cost SEO tool is Spyfu…very user friendly and great for finding competitor's keyword PPC, SEO and ads they are running

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