AT LAST! The Best SEO Niches Revealed For Fast Results

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Have you ever wondered what the best niche is for SEO? In this video I make the comparison from a commercial intent niche to an awareness niche

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26 thoughts on “AT LAST! The Best SEO Niches Revealed For Fast Results”

  1. Hi..glad to have been following provide info that I really look for and not just clickbait..thanks to be bold enough to share things others might not (although there are a few who do)

  2. Hello Mr. Ruan M. Marinho
    , I have some confusion if I post my blog on different blog site to promote my blog site with the same content will Google take that as duplicate content…or should I change the blog every time to spin the text for every new blog post. thanks

  3. Definitely see the huge difference with emergency services… 24/7 locksmiths, towing, dentist, plumber. Even PC and phone repairs. People will be looking to solve their problem Immediately. These business want phone calls indeed

  4. Great video. But what if Top Listing Sites/Directory Sites HACK the first page of Google?
    Quick Bomb: There are few listing sites in India who sell packages to local businesses in exchange for sending leads. Now because they have so much content on their site (1000s of business listings) google ranks various pages from this listing sites on top of all local business sites. Sites like & have Hijacked Top 5-7 results of every query related to "Commercial Intent". They are like YellowPages on Steroids.

    I managed to outrank them initially but after few months they take over the whole page. They are like: "We will not let any individual business's site rank for commercial intent"…
    Example: My client ranked on number one for "Aluminium Section" few months ago. Screenshot: And now, JustDial not only ranked 3 of their pages above client's site but also made their description SUPER Click Baity. – As you can see they also got fake 4.5 Stars in Meta with 18000 Reviews.

    And Man, they are ruling all the cities in the search results for any commercial intent queries with the same type of Title, Meta Description and Ratings strategy. Like: Reviews are you kidding me!

    Same is the case for another directory site more focused on B2B space. So other City Example: – here first half of page is ruled by IndiaMart and other half by JustDial and between that is my other client's site. Please help me here bro.

    How can I outrank them? They add 1000s of new pages on daily basis (they got team all over India). I could get rankings in Local Map Pack for others but ranking website in top 3 has become very difficult. And please enlighten me how can they fool google with their 10000s of fake reviews which don't even exist on their website? Did they create fake schema or something? Please, help with this two doubts.

  5. Ruan, wait video as always. Thank you for the information! As we know, Google will continue to expand the industries and locations they serve with their Local Service Ads. What are your thoughts on how those of us who use SEO for lead generation or to rank our clients’ sites can compete with Google local service ads? Because it seems that the ads push organic search results further down on the pages when LSAs appear.

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