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In todays video I talk about where I learned to code online in 3 months and I talk about how you can do it within even 6 months.

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37 thoughts on “Become a Web Developer In 6 Months | #devsLife”

  1. Great video and thanks for sharing. I was wondering though, what was your daily schedule like while you were learning to code at treehouse? Meaning, how much time a day did you invest in learning? Did you do it every day? I ask cause I returned to school after leaving the military. I am married and have 3 kids. It's rough to get anything academically done with my two jobs, school, and family. Thanks again!

  2. am curious about the difference between ,payed online services for learning coding and ,free ones
    let say treehouse like this guy has advertising for ,and freecodecamp, theodinprojects etc…
    can anybody ,give me a brief concise ,explanation of the major differences including you chris sean
    thank you

  3. I've seen you multiple times have mentioned that you're to shy to vlog public!

    I completely understand you, but do it! It's just a thing you have to come over. A few years back i started living after a mantra where i have to do one thing everyday there scares me. This is a good example, if i was afraid to blog in public, i'll challenge my self to do it. You don't have to do it in the middle of Times Square. Start infront of friends, move on to do it in front of their friends and so on. Build it up slowly. And one day, you'll be confidence enough to do it everywere.

  4. Also gotta mention I use freecodecamp to learn coding because its completely free and you get a certificate once you complete all the projects for the curriculum (which you can add to your portfolio or use to help you build your own projects).

  5. I love udacity, its a great resource for learning and has alot of good free courses that are apart of nanodegrees if you decide to take one later on. I took a course on how to use git and github, now I'm working on my projects via github. I also use codepen for practice and evaluating other people's code as well. Feel free to follow me on github, I'll follow back!

  6. I am using SoloLearn app. If I want to kill time while I'm waiting for something instead of playing games on my phone, I use this app offline or online. This may help those starters like me.

  7. Hi chris.i'm just asking if you could make videos for those who are starting to coding…student to be specific. The minimum requirement for their pc or ios build to be able to start code.

  8. I've been learning development on Udemy, I've tried Treehouse and I took it as my main source of learning and I will supplement it with more examples from Udemy. Treehouse is just so much more fun and engaging, I can spend hours every day on it.

  9. Chris Tree house is a bit expensive for us living here in the Philippines. Love your vid and you are an inspiration. I really wanted to become front end developer can you tell me what should I learn to become front end dev.. More power and Thanks…

  10. Teamthreehouse is very good, I’ve stated there, but there are some courses that are best taught in Udemy or other online resource, for example the courses in the FullStack JavaScript Path: HTTP, AJAX, EXPRESS.JS. they are not good, the teachers try explaining complex concepts using a very technical language that is very had for beginners and skip things very important. But I can say that the Front-End Developer path is great, I enjoyed it

  11. Great video, as always! I have been using Treehouse for about two months and love the simplicity and non-rushed pace they provide. I have been thinking about the TechDegree program recently to begin to build a portfolio and probably going to hop aboard now after watching this video!

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