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If you think SEO is all about link building, you’re sadly mistaking. In fact, Google doesn’t even want you to link build.

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Instead, they want you to create everlasting content that blends in with their new AI (Rank Brain) check it out here:

In this video, I cover what rank brain is and why websites/creators that understand this AI will succeed with Google SEO

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING! Link Building Is USELESS [GOOGLE CONFIRMS]”

  1. Am so surprised you believe Google on this issue. The truth of the matter is that Google cldnt be trusted on such claims, so link building is the number one ranking factor currently, I don't know what the future holds but for now keep building quality links.

  2. Hey bro suppose If my keyword Example:
    (1) best vacuum for floor
    (2) best vacuum for till floor
    (3) best vacuum for stairs
    #so what I do 3 keyword separate url or 1 Url and cover this 3 keyword.
    which is right ?

  3. Lots of good stuff in this video. I kind of despise the clickbait title but the value is still fantastic. I'm going to go to that page and see what I can do to rip off everything you're doing for local SEO 🙂

  4. So here is a question that only can be asked of an expert (Yes I am complimenting you). I work in Automotive retail and I noticed that links to major car buying/selling websites drop like a rock before Christmas. Check out Carfax in November for a perfect example. I'm really scratching my head on this one because to me it seems counter-intuitive. Shouldn't more people be creating content about car buying and thus generating links to sites like this rather than removing them? I would have a hard time believing that links stayed flat before Christmas but to see them take a dive is stunning. Any thoughts on why?

  5. You might like to take a look at the 3 H1 tags you have on your dispensary seo page. Your on page might be more on point with just the one. As you know H1 is a strong signal to google and one of your H1s is 'Request Access to our Marketing Pros Facebook Group' I'm sure that's not what you Google to rank you for!

  6. hi, so u r saying if i do a review og best knives- i just make 1 page like an ultimate guide and put recommendations,tips,resources etc in that page, and not make two three pages linking to that best knives page?

  7. Those are super low-comp KWs. "dispensary seo" isn't competitive at all. You put up some great content on a half decent domain and it ranked – Good stuff. But to say "link building is useless" is just dishonest (or you just don't know any better, which I doubt). Definitely good best practices in the video though.

  8. Well now, even if you don't know who I am, you are familiar with my work, or at least have read blog posts by those who are. I asked the question about RankBrain in the oft quoted Google Q&A we did that resulted in Andrey saying that the top two factors were Links and Content, ahead of RankBrain. You can find the full conversation here on YouTube at

    So, there you have a direct statement from a senior search quality guy at Google that says Links are still more important than RankBrain. It's important, so note it well.

    Next, you seem to have 2 major misunderstandings – one about what RankBrain actually is (though you were close) and the other about Click-through rates (where you are a million miles off target and completely wrong).

    RankBrain does indeed look at and re-interpret the query trying to better match intent. Reinterpreting the query means that it effectively treats it as a different, more clearly worded query it knows – much as Hummingbird brought in. But where RankBrain is different, and particularly strong, as many Google statements have told us, is in dealing with queries it hasn't seen before.

    Google get a lot of those. A few years back it was stated that almost half of the queries in any size of data sample occurred only once. Now, in reality, this includes a lot of cases where really it is only the precise order of the words that changed. But before the enhanced semantics applied to re-writing queries that we saw with Hummingbird, that still made a difference.

    But even outside of mere differences over how people may word their query, or structure it, people are always searching for new things – some new actor that just got a major role, a new product that has just hit the market, a new song they want to know the lyrics for, a news story that is just breaking, and millions of other examples every day.

    Hummingbird era search rewrites queries based on past data. It knows that some queries are solved faster if the algorithm puts more news sites and fresh results ahead. It knows that some other queries are best served with more emphasis on local results. It uses semantics and past click data on search results to attempt to find the best particular algorithm recipe for that query.

    RankBrain is similar, but is specifically to fill in the weakness of the Hummingbird era change – searches where there is not sufficient click data to have refined the right algorithm to use – the new ones or rare ones. You see how this makes what you said about focusing on Click-Data not just wrong, but entirely in the opposite direction?

    And that brings us to your complete misunderstanding of click data. Google do not use click data to rank websites. They use it to rank the quality of their algorithms. They can adjust the balance of algorithms so that users more quickly are satisfied in less total clicks. Google *do not use it to rank individual websites*.

  9. I would NOT take everything Google says about how to rank in their search engine as gospel. After all, they are an advertising company first and foremost, and truth be told they don't want people to rank organically, they want everyone buying ads.

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