Closing $50,000 In Sales Using Linkedin [NOT CLICKBAIT]

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Today, I meet with James and we take a little ride in his car. Throughout the ride, I dissect the information that helped one of his clients close $50,000 worth of business using just a social media application.

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James uses Linkedin to his advantage by connecting with people, doing manual outreach, and then scheduling a call with other business owners.

If you haven’t ever used Linkedin, you should start to get more SEO/FB Agency clients using Linkedin as it’s where the professionals spend their time.

If you want to learn more about Linkedin, head over to Linkedin and create a free account – it’s well worth it

Start connecting with other people and optimize your Linkedin to make it look professional


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10 thoughts on “Closing $50,000 In Sales Using Linkedin [NOT CLICKBAIT]”

  1. Hey, Ruan! Great Video. I think LinkedIn just removed the email export tho it depends if your contact allowed to show it. Could you share Jame's LinkedIn profile? (LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search globally outside your network, narrowing down with filters)

  2. Some other info that might be helpful for others, LinkedIn has connection limits based on your account level. To really crank it up you will need a paid account. Also, there are tools to help automate the process. I use a quick video sequence to reply when I hook them on the initial pitch, then get them on a call.

  3. Awesome Man what is James Last Name ??  You know and or you do now that Linkedin is so much Bigger than most people think. I'm on there but just don't have the time to really exploit it as James is & now I know you will be Also.      hey James may be my be the New Man!!   ha ha    Good Luck both of you guys. Great Stuff Really Great. Keep Realing them in Ruan & Interviewing them,. For me Love this Stuff and can Learn a lot in a short time (something we all don't have enough of.)

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