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Watch me hit some Cold Calls Live here on YouTube! Tons of value for you guys in the video, for example how to prospect for cold calls. If you don’t have a lot of time and wanna skip around I put some time stamps for you below.

First Cold Call: 4:05
—-Client Follow-Ups/Answering Questions/ Research—-
Coffee Shop Cold Calls: 24:30
Coffee Cold Call #2: 27:50
Coffee Cold Call #3: 38:20
—–Sending a Cold DM (The Right Way)—-
Gym Cold Call: 1:13:45
Gym Cold Call #2: 1:21:57
Gym Cold Call #3: 1:25:20
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18 thoughts on “COLD CALLS LIVE | Social Media Marketing”

  1. hey man, thank you for this! started cold calling yesterday one thing i like about your method is as opposed to what i did which was prospecting and writing notes, you called right after you looked into each business while it was fresh in your mind. great stuff! Another piece of advice i found was to look at client worth (client to a jeweler is worth more than a client at a coffee shop). Just something to think about I'm trying to find my niche too.

  2. I do alot of cold calling …I start out may i speak with the owner please…they will tell you the name most of the time….if i got name i will ask for him….if big company i ask for the person in charge of advertising…once i got the right person I start out with My name is _ and im working on a_____ _and the name of your business came up and we thought you might have an interest in this opportunity Or_____. then tell him what your dong…

  3. Billy Willson We want your funnels and materials. How to send you the money haha:)) Seems solid preparation on your Google Drive. Lost all my savings on ecommerce and decided to do social media.I am just starting chose realtors niche.

  4. dude you're killing me!!!! First thing you need to do is to introduce yourself by saying Hi my name is ______ and i help businesses get more customers through the power of facebook ads and social media, who would I talk to thats in charge of your marketing? Thats the same line you should use for every call in the beggining because it clearly states to the other person who you are, what you do, and what you want. Also slow down,and take out all the "uuhh's" and "basiclly" out of your talk.

  5. Dude, I love the tenacity. But there is no secret formula. You know what to say because you've done this for previous clients. Don't stress and forget the script. 

    I'm imagining myself as a client and I want to be sold on something I know works because the person I'm talking to, you, is completely convinced in their ability. You know you can do it for them, so stop doubting yourself.

  6. Hey Billy, when they decide to keep you, do you have an LLC setup or a corporation to get money / do your taxes? and if you say that you are a student then it turns out your an "agency" then how do the clients take that?

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