Create Passive Income Selling Local Websites FAST in 2019 [Still Works]

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22 thoughts on “Create Passive Income Selling Local Websites FAST in 2019 [Still Works]”

  1. This is a great strategy and should be easy to do.

    I have been building couple of single lead gen pages using divi builder..
    Its very easy to use.. Simply drag and drop..

    I have some templates already for lot of local business… Like painter, roofer, electrician, dentist and whole lot of other niches…
    I need to learn how to rank them and sell it to local businesses….

    For anyone who will like to take a look at few of the pages, let me know…

    Or if you can be getting clients while I do all the job then we can partner…

  2. Hey Ruan. Do you always build your sites on duda? Any problems or things to watch out for. Also, it's interesting that you don't seem to internally link to the individual town location pages on your sites. The painter sites look great though. Really enjoy your videos man.

  3. Quick question though, to start ranking before you sell the leads or sell the site to a client. You obviously need to think of a business name normally exact match if possible. But then you need to build citations. Which requires a phone number. Without paying for a phone number until it's ready, or using your mobile or a fake number and then building citations you then need to change.

    How does this work? obviously a fake number in citations would need changing once sold woudl this not hit the seo upon changing?

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