Create Perfect Local SEO Pages To Instantly Rank In Google [Part 4]

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Today is the 4th part of the series where I rank a clients website in real time. Criscione Masonry now has location pages built to it

Location pages read as the following:

If you want to target “waterbury” for example your post would read

This is because Google needs to identify your page with a location. So you can follow the simple SEO steps laid out in the video to ensure your page is highly optimized

In the next video, we’re going to cover how to create effective blog posts to help with content stacking for results

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21 thoughts on “Create Perfect Local SEO Pages To Instantly Rank In Google [Part 4]”

  1. Hi Ruan, In this example you use locations (for the Masonry Contractor). Why did you guys not use the same principle for your own website ? I mean the example NEW YORK SEO and BOSTON SEO – I did not see 'NEW YORK' or 'BOSTON' in URL separate, but as develomark/new-york-seo and /boston-seo (instead of develomark/new-york/seo and develomark/boston/seo ?

  2. I just ripped your page off completely for a client – Custom Home Builder. Doing just a few things I had him from not ranking at all to the first page on Google in under 3 hours. You the man Ruan. Also love how you built out those other unique location pages (went to the site to check them out). I've never seen someone do it like that before.

  3. Hey Ruan. Amazing content! A quick doubt. All the hyperlocal keywords that I want to rank for has a search volume of 0. What should I do now? What type of keywords should I rank for in this case? It would be great if you could help me out with this.

  4. Do you think you have the have the URL structure with post categories in the address or can it be just as effective as just part of the url? Meaning business(dot)com/city/appliance-repair-company vs. business(dot)com/appliance-repair-company-city

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