Design Drawbacks of the Apple iPad

Although the high-quality materials and striking designs of the Apple iPad are not likely to come as a surprise to Apple's devotees, there are some complaints regarding the gadget's design that may be considered a downside of the product. For instance, despite all its advantages, the iPad is not so portable. Part of this problem is probably psychological. Logically, everyone is aware that the dimensions of the iPad are just as portable as a book. Yet, a book made up of glass and costing from $ 500 to around $ 800 is bound to be rented differently. Without tucking it away in a protective case or messenger bag and carrying it in your hands while walking outside will feel like condemning the very existence of any law of gravity.

Another drawback, according to some critics, is that it could have been more desirable to have a lighter and thinner iPad in hand. Being 5cm thick and 1.5 pounds in weight, the iPad makes many Netbooks appear bloated, but the iPad is slightly thicker and heavier than several devoted eBook readers such as the relatively bulky Kindle DX. If you dream about relaxing in your couch with a glass of tropical drink in one hand and an eBook in another, then avoid purchasing the iPad which glass screen is likely to hurtle your face while you nod off.

Capabilities aside, certain inbuilt design constraints of the iPad prevent it from functioning gracefully as an efficient tool. The keyboard is one such hurdle. The onscreen keyboard of the iPad is surprisingly one of the most responsive and the largest of all keyboards encountered in a tablet gadget. Thus, when the task is such that it requires writing hundreds of text pages such as term papers, manifestos, rambling, or reports at infinite speed you will see your fingers flying faster on the real keyboard.

Source by Jim Johannasen

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