Display Suite for Drupal 7 – Part 2: configuring a layout

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Part 2 of a series of videos about Display Suite for Drupal 7: configuring the layout for a node article, cloning, disabling theme regions and adding new layouts to your theme.


15 thoughts on “Display Suite for Drupal 7 – Part 2: configuring a layout”

  1. It’s like a dream come true. Finally am able to switch between different layouts, Fields, Views without loosing myself in Drupals *tpl theming structure. I’ve never been a fan about Panels. Display Suite is exactly I was looking for. Thank you for your video series! Great Job!

    Going one step further. Is it possible to nest different layouts with DS e.g. 3 columns on top. 5-7 columns on bottom?

  2. Hi, I saw you added two class names class 1 and class2. I did not see you adding any style sheets to this classes. How and where would I add these classes? Can you help? I am new to drupal.

  3. One thing I can't figure out .. I configure a display for one page for example .. but the display options appear to be affecting the entire content type (page .. or article .. or whatever). How does one create a display for one page that would be different from other pages (or articles) without affecting all the others? In other words, how does one get display suite settings to affect the instance of the page and not the page type?

  4. It will look terrible if the description is too long. So, it would be better to wrap image with text around. How to wrap picture with the text?

  5. at 0:42 he goes to the manage display screen and his tab with "add custom field" is shown already but if you start off you need to select a layout first before the tab to add custom fields shows. 😉

  6. Incredible module, and video.
    It was little confusing towards the end. It would be easier to just run that drush ds-build command from the new ds_layouts directory.
    cd my_d7/themes/bartik/ds_layouts
    drush ds-build "My template" –regions="Region 1, Region 2"

    And you should have a Form Validator for the Style Regions to avoid duplicates like.

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