Does Content Matter For Local SEO?

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34 thoughts on “Does Content Matter For Local SEO?”

  1. Another great video bro. I've been ranking sites in Scotland without links for years, however, I now have a few where I am now doing more citations and it's given them sites a boost. I also take these sites about the 2000 words per page and do extra work on Google local too. City pages have been working excellent here for 5 years man. Keep the vids coming. Gregory in Glasgow ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ruan, you are by far one of the best people to follow in the space for independent agency development. Your brutal honesty about the ups and downs in your journey paired with valuable knowledge and insights is second to none.

  3. Hi Ruan…Love your videos and your commitment. I need help from you. I am very much comfortable with all the aspects of SEO except link building. I am struggling very badly in building backlinks for my own sites as well as for my customer's sites. Can you please help me with some PRACTICALLY WORKABLE backlink creation methods without getting any Google penalty ???

  4. FAST ?

    I acquired very interesting domain- ** **any idea what that domain market value is?

    I've checked the usual spots which say $1500-$6500 basically -_-

    Sorry for the random shit but this is huge conundrum for me

  5. Thanks Ruan-very informative. We have a local business here in The Uk with a WordPress website and I've always felt that our blog is a bit aimless. I've been inspired to try to make it more focussed for local seo by your video!

  6. Another awesome video- Subscribed !
    As a newbie trying to learn seo by being taught by seo's, who teach you, whilst using SEO as the web topic also, became a bit confusing for me, cant you all just use the term 'wall clocks' instead ? Im only saying that cos i make handmade clocks and i could do with all the help i can get hahahaha

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    my door is always open

  8. Ruan M. Marinho is only one genuine YouTube channel Who Actually Teaching About us SEO Other SEO Channels on YouTube Only Selling Products and Affiliate Products.
    Broo Love You I am From India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

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