Drupal 7 Views Module Tutorial 2 of 10: Creating and Customizing Views

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In the second video of this ten part drupal video tutorial series, we look at creating and customizing Views. If you have used and are familiar with the Views module, this will be very basic for you. We go beyond the first video tutorial which looked at creating a basic View of teasers and customize a new View covering titles, view formats, fields, filters and sorting.


39 thoughts on “Drupal 7 Views Module Tutorial 2 of 10: Creating and Customizing Views”

  1. It's fucking ridiculous that youtube is putting a Wix add on a Drupal tutorial video, it's like putting a Twinkies add before a fancy dish recipe! Really targeting the wrong audience! But if it pays the genius who made these videos I don't care I disabled ABP!

  2. Hi thank you for you very good tutorial chanel…i need your help…i use drupal wall and i want to have the same interface as facebook or bootstrap user…say me please what is the possibilitys ?

  3. Can you point me in the right direction to do this same thing but with creating a view that is for users? (e.i. user profiles as in i have different users "musicians" and would like to have views just show bass players on the "find a bass player page") Can't seem to find out how to style that type of view. Thnks bro

  4. Hi Yaworks1
    Thanks for putting this video to help beginners like me. I had to watch one, and follow along and then watch again the morning after and have absorbed such a lot. Thanks again. I couldn't see how to swap the column about but maybe I missed that but thanks again – off to a great start.

  5. Hey Sebastian, not entirely sure what you mean… it's possible to apply a theme to the site and change up how Drupal looks… Or do you mean the views UI page? I think the complexity of the module was probably the primary concern there, not necessarily the UI though point well taken that it can be difficult to work with. that's why I created these tutorials.

  6. nice but why Drupal design UI is sooooooo ugly!!!! check Expression Engine and see the difference in the CPanel! I hate that UI its looks like no designer mind touch that, programmer should be not! design stuff, is so ugly looks like Windows! I myself can make a better UI

  7. ok – but you are talking about the node titles that are links right? if you switch it over to fields, you can specify that the title field should not be linked to its content if that is what you're looking for.

    and when you say "below are 4 for images" — 4 what? 4 additional nodes via the attachment?

  8. sorry, don't follow. so in the page view, you have a title — are we talking the title of the view or the title of the node being returned (i.e., a field)? if it is a field, there is a check box in the field settings, link this field to its node… if i'm way off, let me know and i'll try to help

  9. Hey Pete,

    Another question for you. I have created a view consisting a page and attachment. In page part I get a title as a link to the page I created for that view. Is it possible to NOT have the title as a link? I'm trying my best but no luck so far..

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