Drupal 8 Basics #19 – Installing A Theme In Drupal 8

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This Drupal 8 tutorial series shows users how to build websites with the very popular open source content management system Drupal 8.

The world’s favorite open source content management platform just got better. Drupal 8 is the new standard for creating incredible digital experiences—for small businesses, global enterprises, and everything in between.

Meet Drupal 8, a powerful new suite of tools, and the strongest link in your new content supply chain. Interact with countless applications, thanks to REST-first native web services. Use progressive decoupling to break free from back-end restrictions without sacrificing security and accessibility. Deliver faster, with enhanced entity caching and better integration with CDNs and reverse proxies. With Drupal 8, you can build almost any integrated experience you can imagine.




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8 thoughts on “Drupal 8 Basics #19 – Installing A Theme In Drupal 8”

  1. Ok, I am having an issues installing a new theme for Drupal 8 locally on my computer. I click browse and choose the zip folder and then I click install and it attempts to install the new theme, but nothing happens afterwards. Is there a reason for this? The theme is a premium theme that was purchased from a site called Themeforest.

  2. Error: Call to a member function setRecipients() on null in standard_form_install_configure_submit() (line 25 of coreprofilesstandardstandard.profile).
    How to resolve this Problem ??
    Plz Help me out
    I followed your all the instructions at the at i found this

  3. Also, When I click on the "Install New Theme" button I don't get what you get where I can upload the file or utilize the link. It tells me that I have to directly upload the file to the server in the /core/themes folder. I did this process, but for some reason they don't show up when I go to the "Appearance" section to choose a new them. Any Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    I am having trouble installing Commerce 2 or rather Omega Kickstart Theme for my new Drupal 8 environment setup on the server for me. I have uploaded both Commerce 2 and Omega Kickstart into the theme folder, because when I clicked on the "Install New Theme" button I get redirected to another page that states that I have to uploaded the theme work manually into the theme folder within the Core folder. When I return to appearance there are no new themes to switch to at all. Am I doing something wrong or has my manager setup something wrong on the server.

  5. I am following your videos on how to do it. The only problem I have at the moments is that on the appearance page that I have does not have the install a new theme? any ideas on how to fix this. Thank you for taking the time and make the videos

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