Drupal 8 – Building a Dynamic Web Application

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A survey system built with Drupal 8.3.7. This video starts with a fresh Drupal installation and takes the viewer through to a completed survey system.

We step through the configuration of: Users, workflow, custom content, views, menu configuration and third party modules.

Towards the end, the video steps through customizing the default bootstrap theme, altering a default template, and finally backing up the site

Index of topics covered and timings:
00:00:00 – Specification
00:10:12 – Demonstrate Finished Site
00:13:37 – Install Drupal
00:18:20 – Install Administrator Modules
00:19:05 – Set Homepage to be a Basic Page
00:19:40 – Install Bootstrap Sub-theme
00:25:35 – Alter Date Format
00:26:35 – Install User Facing Modules
00:29:29 – Resolve Security Warning (XSS vulnerability)
00:31:38 – Block Layout
00:32:36 – Custom Content Types
00:34:59 – Taxonomy
00:40:54 – Menu System
00:41:56 – Views
00:49:18 – Users and Roles
01:19:45 – Workflow
01:19:45 – Style Bootstrap Theme
01:37:48 – Templates
01:58:11 – Backup Site


8 thoughts on “Drupal 8 – Building a Dynamic Web Application”

  1. The manage moderation tab is no longer available, to apply the workflow to the batch content type you can go the the workflow and there is a section called "This workflow applies to:" and select batch for the content type

  2. I love the speed. There is a pause and rewind button in Youtube…Anyway excellent straight to the point content. One rather humorous observation is that you insisted on changing configuration to use non-US style date (What's wrong with them and what is an inch?) but….you're happy to change from correct English of "flavour" to "flavor"! It is a little sad that a red underline tells us that the spelling is wrong when your brain clearly kept on wanting to spell it correctly. It's rather like Google being the only source of everything that is right…eventually we just believe them.

  3. Hi John, You are doing great work. but there is a little problem. In last 7 months you just got 21 thumb-up. Do you know why? You are moving so fast and just you know that what is going around. I am sure you did not make this tutorial for advance developers(because they don't need this) . Hope you will look into it. Peace

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