Drupal 8 Site Building, 11.5: Browse Assets using Entity Browser

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By Ivan Zugec from https://www.webwash.net

Full tutorial: https://www.webwash.net/manage-media-assets-drupal-8/

In this video, learn how to browse and select assets using Entity Browser.

– Install Entity Browser module (00:22)
– Create “Entity Browser” view (01:08)
– Install Ctools if required (03:46)
– Create entity browser (04:12)
– Configure entity embed button to use entity browser (05:53)


5 thoughts on “Drupal 8 Site Building, 11.5: Browse Assets using Entity Browser”

  1. Not sure if you are able to give me any assistance with this, but when I create a view (replicating your exact steps), my view lists nothing. I have been at this for hours, but not found a way to fix this. However I found that going into another view (the already existing view "Media"), it did not list any items either. The "Media" view was set to path "/admin/content/files", which if I click the path I get a list of all the images contained in that folder. Very strange.
    Also visiting another view that lists files, everything works as expected. So I created a new view just like in your video, except choosing files instead of media type. Also since it's files, the thumbnails had to be excluded from the steps and to only list media files, I created four filters of the filetypes jpg/jpeg/png/gif. That works like a charm. But with no thumbnails, I really see no benefit.

    So to the point…can you see how I may fix this?
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. Hello, could you show how to configure multiple upload for example with dropzonejs? I cannot setup correctly, there is many confused posibilities at the EB widget with DropZonejs and dont work it to me.

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