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Outlier compares the pros and cons of using both Drupal Commerce and Magento for web development.


5 thoughts on “Drupal Commerce vs Magento – Outlier”

  1. Drupal is a sinking ship. When the last 3 developers who use it die of heart attack at age 40 then nobody will
    not even remember its name. Wow did you remember there was a cms nobody cared of, it's name started with D, but I can't remember the exact name…

  2. Hello Outlier solutions!
    Gread video indeed 🙂
    But i would like to add further to it, Let me tell you that I'd go for Drupal Commerce. It offers an integrated CMS and ecommerce platform in one. Drupal is already one of the most flexible (and powerful) CMS platforms around. Drupal Commerce stands on the shoulders of that to provide a similarly powerful ecommerce platform.

    On the other hand, as already noted here, the CMS functionality in Magento is pretty limited. Given the importance of content marketing for driving visitors to your site, I don't understand why you'd look at any ecommerce platform that doesn't provide a decent set of content management/marketing tools.

    Integrating Magento and WordPress is mentioned as a common integration option. But that means you have to maintain two platforms. Drupal + Drupal Commerce is one platform for both, which saves time and hassle during development and marketing, and makes the customer journey seamless from landing page to order complete.

    I wrote a longer answer to a similar question here: Drupal Commerce or Magento? Which is the better ecommerce platform? check our blog section http://www.valuecoders.com/blog/

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