Elohim is Making the World She Wants – GoDaddy Commercial

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Meet Elohim, a producer, singer, and songwriter whose songs speak to anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. She uses her domain to open the lines of communication on mental illness.
Make The World You Want: http://x.co/6ney6

Song by song I try and make it easier for anyone to get help.
Anxiety. Depression. Panic Attacks.
People don’t want to talk about it.
So I share it – the dark and the light.
The struggle and the joy with my mental health.
I bare it on a stage, under a spotlight, and invite everyone to join me.
What’s your mission? Use GoDaddy to help make it happen.
Make the world you want.
Make Your Own Way

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Homepage: http://x.co/6nfWM
Domain: http://x.co/6nfWx
WordPress: http://x.co/6nfX3

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