Exactly How Many Links Can I Build Per Day for Natural SEO Ranking?

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0:10 Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here for another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam from https://viewership.com/

The question is: “Hey Neil, can you tell me, is there any limit of building links in a day, and if there is, then how many links per day to avoid looking spammy?”

0:30 I wish I could tell you how many links you should build per day, but it’s different from each website. What I will do is teach all of you guys how to figure out how many links per day you should be building for your website. The simplest way to think about it is, if you have no links and you all of a sudden have an influx of links, is that natural? Of course not. Google will be like, hmmm, these guys may be buying links, they could be doing something to manipulate. If it’s all natural, that’s okay. But in general, slow and steady wins the race. With SEO, it’s not about how fast you can build your links because you’re not going to get rankings tomorrow. You get them over time.

2:00 Here’s what I recommend that you do when it comes to how many links per day. You go to ahrefs.com. You put in your URL; it’ll show you how many backlinks you have. You put in your competitor’s URLs who rank above you. It’ll show you how many links they have. Now you’ll get a good understanding of how many links at the maximum end you need to build. Because even if your competitors have a thousand links, you don’t always have to build a thousand links to beat them. You could build a hundred higher-quality links. What you want to do is, when you’re starting off, start slow, building one link a day.

You’re a brand new website, trying to build one link a day is good enough. After you do that for a month, try to ramp up to two links every single day.

Now, building a thousand links in one month isn’t going to skyrocket your rankings. What we’ve noticed is, with Google, whatever the links you build, it takes roughly a year for them to kick in fully. Sometimes even longer, like a year and a half to two years. Once you build those links, and then they kick in, boom, your traffic picks up, and you start crushing it. But it takes a long period before they get picked up, and they’re to their maximum strength. Google sometimes can pick up a link within a day.

Sometimes it takes them a week or a month depending on what website and what page is linking to you from. But, the point I’m trying to make is, start off slow and steady.

3:35 If you do that, and you do it consistently like you build links over the period of a year, you may not see great results in the first 12 months, because you have to remember, the day you started isn’t when you got all of the links. You built up those links over a period of 6 months, a year, or whatever it may be. But if you fast-forward a year and a half from when you started, that’s when you start seeing really good search engine rankings.

5:30 Anyone who’s trying to sell you links, if they’re buying them, don’t buy them. If someone tells you, oh we’re going to give you this many links in this domain authority, Y links in this other domain authority, and here’s what we’re going to get you and buy, they’re probably buying them, even they tell you they’re not. So avoid those people as well.

Google’s not dumb. Don’t try to trick it, and don’t try to trick the Google god.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A Thursday video. Thank you guys for watching this video about how many links per day you should build. If you have a comment or a question that you want to be answered, leave a comment below. I just am looking to help other people out with their marketing. So thank you for watching.

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38 thoughts on “Exactly How Many Links Can I Build Per Day for Natural SEO Ranking?”

  1. Pretty good video! Very usefull with awesome content! my question! it pretty clear to don’t buy any link and avoid any seo service on fiverr. I can generate one link daily. But on an entrepreneur way, probably it’s better if i focus on content and other product related to my business. Do you have any tips to hire a good partner to make that on the natural way ? The big problem is the fake gig and bad work i can get. Let me know if it’s possible to found a person who can focus on link builing ? Thanks and continue you amazing work! 😉

  2. Hey Neil,

    Awesome Video! Loved it!! I have a question, Building link is not as easy as building a link in a day. How do we build Super High-quality link faster and easier way? Do you have a video on this? If not then that would be an amazing topic. One more question, For suppose a blog that has higher quality backlinks but doesn't have good content and there's another blog who have High-quality content but fewer backlinks then which will rank better? Is Google more focused on high-quality content or Domain Authority and high-quality backlinks? It would be great if you create a video on how to rank a new blog from 0. Thanks

  3. I may have killed some backlinks when I changed my permalinks to eliminate the date in the blog post URL

    As far as linking to other sites (as a reference), should we also leave a ‘References’ box at the end of our posts, or will that take the readers attention from the call to action at the end? Thank you!

  4. Hi Neil, love your content. I'm currently building a B2C SaaS business in the home renovation space and I'm competing for keywords with companies like HGTV, Homestars, AngiesList etc. Most of the first page results have over a million backlinks! How do I compete with that if I'm just getting started? Should I be focusing on different channels?

  5. Hi, Neil. How about focusing 100% of our time and effort on making excellent-quality contents (low to middle keyword competition) WITHOUT any link building activity like outreach and guest post? Do you think that google will rank our site on page 1 in less than a year?

  6. Neil, if we don't buy links, then creating high quality links strategy and technique?
    because getting links from forbs, cnn, new york time etc is near to impossible if you don't pay to someone else. Another question, what is your openion about comments links (dofollow blog comments link)? also can you show us method, how to create backlinks and do research for getting backlinks etc?

  7. I have been using your site have good SCO 90% now I need the site speed up now it 75 You have no errors. but now it sites speed
    Page Level Speed Test
    SCORE: 72 what can I do it keep going up and down i know said cdn can that hep

  8. If I have backlinks to English websites with English content, for a German website (but Unique Content, and English Anchor Text "translated from German keyword"), but topic is not relevant. MozBar shows no spam score and good "DA" & "PA" is that good for my website or rather bad.

  9. Most of Beginners want huge ton of backlink, but few ones maintain daily rules to create backlink. I hope that' really important for me to create a effective daily backlink routine.

  10. Thank God you answered this! I mean some clients wants to build thousands right away. Though I told them the same thing you say, they dont believe me because I'm ..well, probably because I'm not you.haha.. Thank you Neil!

  11. Hi Neil,
    My query is – my Site has Good quality content, Domain Authority, Backlinks comparing to my competitors but my few competitors doing well in search results and ahead of my website. (those sites Don't have proper content, Keyword consistency, website structure, Domain authority and much Backlinks )
    What is the Reason for this situation?
    Even I asked this question with one of the Best Backlink analysis tool provider on Live youtube session But they gave me a silly answer. Its a fault of Google algorithm. Really What is the Reason for this, it will be Helpfull to more digital marketers like me.

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