Filmed on Pixel 3 | In collaboration with Terrence Malick

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In collaboration with director Terrence Malick and his co-workers, this piece shows the power of Pixel 3’s advanced camera.

Learn More about Pixel 3 at:

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36 thoughts on “Filmed on Pixel 3 | In collaboration with Terrence Malick”

  1. You should have got someone like an modern award winning Brandon li to film this……. Terrence Malick needs to retire… or catch up with the times…. random footage lacking emotion and story. Or can someone explain how this is a short film? Maybe 30 years ago

  2. This ad is great. But the fact that Terrence Malick, one of the most uncompromising artistic directors of all time, might be relegated to making phone commercials is just devastating to me.

  3. Thumbs up to Terrence and his team, but where does the pixel camera fits in here?? Terrence can make beautiful and artistic piece of work with any camera so don't try to fit the pixel 3 there.

  4. Oh gawd. If this is what the greatest director in the history of cinema has got to do, in order to fund his increasingly misunderstood masterpieces, so be it.

    But even if equipped with the best smartphone camera imaginable, and without any mods or add-ons, many basic cinematography rules were broken here nonetheless: especially, letting the shutter speed auto-adjust into territory that simply makes most of these shots look strobe-y and amateur.

  5. It's cool. But I lost interest since you guys became squares, gone are the days of Nexus 5. Now I call OnePlus home. I'd love if you guys were affordable but living in Canada and with our dollar? there's nearly as good out there for MUCH less.

    We have root, we have the world.

  6. Doesn’t really look that good to be honest. It’s way too digital-looking, way to artificial-looking. The digital stabilisation is kinda Samsungy. iPhone footage looks way more cinematic and less digital. Damn.

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