Forget SEO Ranking Factors … Try This!

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Trying to rank using algorithmic recommendations is useless… instead, focus on the user experience and human behavior. It is often SEO marketers will only focus on a multi point checklist optimizing what they saw on a search engine journal article.

It is not that these optimizations are pointless, but Google’s search engines have become so saturated with people optimizing for the same thing Google now has to use another signal for rankings… human engagement.

Learn more about what I mean when I say a human engagement SEO process that goes into detail on how we did it for our client to rank #1 in Connecticut for several mold related keyword phrases. You can also view their case study on the Develomark website for the services we provided:

If you’re interested in learning from Ruan directly, come to the Develomark offices located on 7 N Main St in Southington, CT to personally learn the digital marketing agency business from Ruan Marinho and his team. Here we unveil all of the strategies our digital agency Develomark performs for their clients. Learn how to attract, deliver, and retain your clients using a proven model combining SEO, PPC, and Web. Learn more about the event by going here:


26 thoughts on “Forget SEO Ranking Factors … Try This!”

  1. Ruan, quick question. How was it when you first got started with Develomark? As in, what were the services you offered to gain your initial capital to then re invest into the programs you use today, such as the call tracker and the heat map app? And if SEO was one of those services, did you begin using all these apps right away – or had you started your SEO services with simple keyword optimization , and found success with that too?

  2. Awesome content Ruan! I love how you organize your content writing for your clients as well, very cleaver with the FB marketing too. What do you recommend for a client who can only afford $500 for SEO monthly?

  3. AMAZING TIP! probably very low competition KWs. I have also an affiliate website that has 10-30 longtail volume a month and rakes $300/pm. And has been doing this 17 years. My 1st affiliate site I made as a teenager

  4. I really like your videos. What kind of ROI this case study equated to? How does it translate to actual sales conversion? Wouldn't the client want to know what efforts cause increase revenues and how you would document the accuracy of those results? I am looking for case studies where a client was shown how the agency was able to correlate their efforts to increases profits.

  5. Do people know they are being recorded, when they call? I live in Europe and I think that would be kind of problematic – if someone finds out.

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