Freelance Web Designers Forced to use Web Builders!

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Your web design clients keep asking you to build their sites with a web builder like Wix or Squarespace, … what do you do as a freelance web designer?

… Are your coding skills (HTML5, CSS3) going to waste?

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45 thoughts on “Freelance Web Designers Forced to use Web Builders!”

  1. I have always loved Steffs videos and materials since 2003. I am actually experiencing most of what you have shared. I am running a Website Designing and Hosting company. I have clients that pay for monthly services in 3, 6 and 12 months. It helps a lot when one falls off i have others to work with. Great tips there.

  2. I quit web development when Bootstrap became popular. It was apparent that the model was heading towards CMS systems. Which is cool because you can extend them, but the jobs were just design with Bootstrap style systems. Just front end graphics added to the same backend. That's why half the web looks exactly the same these days. Sure the reasoning is good, mobiles are the dominant browsing devices now and you need normalisation across the sites, but as a coder, it makes me feel redundant in my skills. So I moved into game development where I can do some actual coding.

  3. The disadvantage of having a lot of small clients is they paid not very much they always want it cheaper or have no money at all. You have to run after every small clients money and THATs consuming a lot of unproductive time. You are right haveing only a few big clients has other disavantages. The best is to have both: Some big clients that pay well and don't suck you out and to have at least some small clients that save your business if some of the bigger clients is jumping off. The most important for both small or big clients is: If they try to beat down your price you kick them out immediately. You will always loose time and money with them. Because time is money too, you will double loose with this kind of clients. Maybe you can make an article about clients that try to beat your price and how to handle this situations. This was the biggest problem for me from the beginning until now.

  4. Hi Stefan, I am looking around what is being used today for web development and I really don't like JavaScript. I used to work with languages with strong structure like Java, C#, C++ and JavaScript seems to be only suitable for very small projects .. I just don't feel comfortable using it, it could be hell for debugging. What do you think of TypeScript ?

  5. I always stayed away from web design (front end development) because I figured that you had to be arty farty, good with design etc to do it well. I believed, if you could not be a graphic designer, you couldn't be a decent web developer. But I'm wondering now, is that a reasonable thing to believe? It could quite possibly be bollocks, thinking about it.

  6. Learn the fundamentals of color, typography, and white space. Also be proficient in planning a website (content, pages, etc) and you can build great sites using the cheap builders. Will the design be at the level of something fully customized and branded to the client? No. But most clients don't really need that anyways.

  7. There is a ecommerce plugin. There is a plugin for everything. WordPress is taking over small business. There is no need to hand code. There is the divi theme where you can literally create any design you want

  8. Hi Stefan, quite inspiring video. I am freelance developer and I am doing this for 8 years already however just this last year I have realized that I am still struggling and just been on the wrong path all those years and I am thinking into switching to web development. It's pretty easy to me and a lot more suitable for a remote freelance developer. I love the freelancing life style and the freedom it provides.

    I am basically a 3D graphics developer but I did all kinds of stuff, I program since age of 12 so I have been thru many things. However it seems that there is just no market for freelance 3D developers. I just always followed my passion and in my mid 30s I am starting to rethink my direction.

    When I look to my poor portfolio it's just bunch of big project that never got finished. The work that I do takes usually months to finish sometimes even years. I lost my last client a year ago we worked together over two years on a big project but they run out of money before the project was finished now I had to get back to search for some new projects and I am struggling. There is only a very small fraction of project suitable for my specialization that look somewhat serious ..

    I really like web design so maybe I could turn to web development I have already did some stuff .. but still pretty much beginner. I guess I will have to build some fake websites to get something to work with. It's quite terrifying to imagine that I will have to crawl back to the starting point and start somewhere else .. My first 2 years of freelancing were so hard and I couldn't afford to make so little money now.

  9. I am a web developer and I got a client who asked me if I could build his site on squareSpace site. So instead of losing the client, I agreed to help him for $30 an Hour. So I don't mind helping clients with their Wix or Godaddy builder. As long as they pay!

  10. Hey, what camera are you using for these videos? I love the way it looks, especially in this video here:

    Would be greatly appreciated if you could provide some detail 🙂

  11. How much customization will cites like wix, wordpress, squarespace , and shopify let you do ? Can you totally detach your HTML,JS, and CSS files from them ? Or do forever have to keep paying them for the wrights to access the website you created, isn't that a risk ?

  12. I like the new set up, display and sound quality are always nice, but I hope you don’t abandon your morning coffee vlogs or spur of the moment vlogs that always have a more personal feel to them. Those are great as well. As always thanks Stef for all you do, I bought your course on, though I have pretty strong understanding of Java JDBC JEE, it’s always great to review refresh and go over basics, and you do an amazing job of going in depth in your programming courses, I love that you not only go into the hows behind code but you go so far into the why to smallest detail. I appreciate that. Until your next vlog…

  13. good setup, bad setup… You just keep talking, Stefan. Most of us we are here for that precious content you provide. It's a solid like and sub from me as well. Every little bit helps, right :3 Hope you hit that 100k in no time. Thank you for what you do!

  14. One thing that would help is if the lines from the window frame were parallel with the edges of the window sides. Its a pain in the ass but it makes for a better presentation set and equipment permitting. If you are not able to get those things to line up then embrace that. Force them to be way out of line so you have diagonals. If you don't embrace one of those two approaches it just looks like you are too lazy to level the camera. Go with one extreme or the other and you got it. Architectural element can make your camera look like its not level very easily.

  15. The off-center composition makes a big difference. Nice soft lighting that shows shape better and the background look great. The better things look, the more people will notice and listen. Presentation is everything.

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