Full Stack Development in 2019 – Guide

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Full Stack Development in 2019 – Guide






27 thoughts on “Full Stack Development in 2019 – Guide”

  1. Some apps may need specific library for displaying data in a datagrid that can handle thousands of records that has to be editable in the datagrid; the data may need to be grouped into multiple level.
    I want to know which datagrid library you usually use or recommend. Currently I am using ag-Grid, as it is impressive; it provides editable grid in its free edition. Datatables.net is also good, but its editable grid is only available in Pro edition; other option is Handsontable.

  2. It's interesting that you mentioned Office. Some people ignore it. But there are chances that our app has to integrate with existing data at clients which use Excel and Word; they might also require our app can produce Excel or Word files. That's what I experienced in my past apps for desktop non-web app.
    Now that I turn to web dev, the same case will probably be encountered. Thanks for PHP, as it provides way to connect with COM apps like Excel and Word. I just need to revisit Excel/Word's DOM when needed.

  3. Thanks Chris, really like your down-to-earth approach vs other programmer youtubers. I'm going to be using this and traversy media's video as a guide as someone who is starting the self taught journey this year. This video is definitely overwhelming but also very humbling and inspiring at the same time!

  4. Just listen to this list of stuff you've been talking about, it shows the state of Web development is a joke. Developers have to "check-out"all this?

  5. Looking forward to the tutorials. Feeling like a deer in the headlights when thinking about all of the tools available and development possibilities. The web wasn't even main stream when I was studying programming. We were barley above using punch cards at the state college level. I probably won't look for work unless maybe something freelance. I still want to explore macros in Excel since I feel more confident using that. A few years ago I scored almost high enough at a Temp Svc. to be able to teach Excel. Thanks for the info.

  6. Great complete video! My todoist just grew and I won't be bored any time soon! One tip, for sure I would add timemanagement to the list. If you can't manage your time and prioritze you'll drown and never get anything done!

  7. Thank you so much! Much needed. Can you please make a video on projects that needs to be worked on in order to become a full stack developer. It will help us lot in understanding the industry needs.

  8. Hi,

    Great video there. Could you please talk about Devops as well (Docker for Containers and Jenkins for Continuous Integration etc)?

    Thanks a lot for the awesome content. Have a great day

  9. hello, my name is abdi and i am from the UK (wales,cardiff). i have been learning web dev for the past years. i am at a beginner level with angular 2+,reactjs,vuejs, nodejs and asp.net core mvc. i have been building popular UI and web app functionalities from scratch for practice. i am looking for a zero payment internship so i could get better at building websites and apps. so if you are a freelancer looking for an extra free hand (15-20 hr/week), send me a small summary of what you are building and a description of what you want me to do, at abdialibaba10@gmail.com

    At this moment i am trying to rebuild a asp.net core eCommerce library. i have only managed to rebuild 4 components out of the 50+ components.

  10. hello chris, i have been learning web dev for the past 2 year. i am wondering if you do internships(no payment needed,of course). i would love to do demos/mock ups for parts of the applications you are building. i think this will give me a lot of experience. things i know are angular,react,vue,nodejs and asp.net core.
    i have been practicing by building popular UI. i have especially been focusing on linking the UI with crud operations.

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