Google Pixel 3: Night Sight

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Take spectacular night pics without a flash. Night Sight on Pixel brings out all the details and colors that get lost in the dark. Try Night Sight and lose the flash, not the moment.

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36 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3: Night Sight”

  1. Ugh, this ad is stupid. The point of the ad is "lose the flash", but the song is about how Flash "saved every one of us". The advertising people just found a song with the word "flash" in it, with no regard for whether it made sense.

  2. In all honesty in reality it's not so great. Went out with my brothers 3XL, took some night photos and night video. Video was bright though a bit noisy compared to Note9 with less noise though less brightness. More true to life though on balance the Pixel night video, despite the noise is better. On the pics it was a different story. While some noise might be ok with a video, it isn't with a picture. The 3XL pics were very noisy and overexposed. The Note9 was better in most photos. And if you tweak Pro mode settings on the Note9 it absolutely blows the Pixel away for brightness with NO noise. You can only doso much with one camera and software. Even an amateur photographer with a little knowledge and the twin f2.4 and f1.5 aperture plus the f2.4 zoom will kill anything the Pixel can do. Don't take these staged shots as real. Look here for the truth. Btw, you'll see daylight shots are also better on Note9.

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