Has Blogging Changed Too Drastically in 2020? (The Explanation Behind Your Weak Results)

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A lot of people think blogging has changed over the last year since they’re not getting good results from their blogging efforts anymore. The truth is, the underlying rules of success when it comes to blogging are still the same. But the competitive game has changed a lot over the past years. In this video, I’m going to break down some of the things that you need to do in order to be able to compete in 2020 and stop getting the lousy results that you’re getting with your blog. Today, I’m going to cover has blogging changed too drastically in 2020?

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Just think of it this way, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the web, and 380 websites are created every single minute. There are roughly a billion blogs on the Internet. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people.

Now, some websites have blogs, some of them don’t, that’s why you see the discrepancy in that number. But you’re probably wondering, hey, with all these websites coming aboard, with WordPress powering more than 30% of the Internet, how do I compete? And is it even possible to rank anymore in your market? In short, it’s still possible.

Here are some sure-fire tactics that can help you rank in whatever market that you’re trying to compete in.

First, you want to make sure that your blog is correctly optimized.

It’s important to make sure that your blog is going after relevant keywords and the ones that aren’t too competitive, especially at the beginning. So if you’re not including the keywords in your content, chances are, you’re not going to rank more because Google doesn’t know that you’re going after that keyword. And as I mentioned, you don’t want to go after keywords that are too competitive.

So using Ubersuggest, type in whatever keyword that you’re looking to go after, look at the SEO difficulty score. When you’re starting off, you want to go after keywords that have a difficulty score of 40 or under. You’re much more likely to get rankings if you go after keywords that are 40 and under versus going after the ones that are much more competitive. You also want to optimize your site for mobile and voice search. So if you want to do well with mobile and voice, make sure you’re using structured markup, right.

You also want to opt-in for the long tail keyword approach when you’re starting off. If you’re just starting off at the beginning, you want a lot of traffic, remember, on voice and even on mobile, people are searching for long-tail phrases.

You will also want to use analytics to determine a customer journey and performance.

You need to look at your Google Analytics, set up conversion tracking, and figure out what channels, what sources are causing the most conversions, what pages are causing the most conversion.

That way, you know what to do more of and what not to do more of, because a lot of times, you get a lot of traffic to pages that are like, wow, look at all this traffic, but it’s not driving any sales. And you’re like, it’s the right keywords, I’m just not driving any sales.

Well, a lot of that, which is the next approach, you can’t be afraid to monetize your content.

So with a blog, you’re getting some traffic, if you’re not telling people about your products or services within your blog content, don’t ever expect to generate any sales. But if you do, you’re much more likely to.

Last but not least, you need to focus on an omnichannel approach. Focusing on several different channels is going to actually provide you better SEO results.

Yes, SEO is Google, but think of it this way, from everything that we’ve seen, when you get more social shares, you’re getting more traffic back to your site, that means more people are seeing your content, they may link back to it, they may leave a comment, they may subscribe by email, they may come back a year later and then buy from you or link back to you. And all those user signals will continually help with your ranking.

The reason the omnichannel approach is super important, Eric Schmidt once talked about how brands are the solution to figuring out what sites should rank on Google. When you take an omnichannel approach, someone’s more likely to see you.

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20 thoughts on “Has Blogging Changed Too Drastically in 2020? (The Explanation Behind Your Weak Results)”

  1. Hi Neil,

    I want to start a blog on personal development. The content is going about my personal journey in life. My

    question is that how would you optimize content that wasn't written keeping any specific keyword or search terms

    in mind? is there any scope?

  2. Hey Neil. Helpful video. Do you have more info about how to see success with more brand queries after making sure there are 7 interactions with that brand? What do you mean by interactions, is it just ad impressions, clicks or engagement in some sort?

  3. Hi Neil,

    I have been on the web for one year. We are a unique and very different business. I cannot find anyone doing what I am doing in the cannabis or medical space. I do not sell or make products. We study, learn, share and teach as patients how cannabis is medicine. How do I approach an illegal industry that requires connecting with patients in the US and Canada. I need to fit in the cannabis and medical space.

  4. Thanks for the great video Neil. I have two questions and a comment. 1) When you talk about multiple channels for blogs, what are you referring to? Can you give some examples? 2) Do you make transcripts of your videos available for those of us who prefer to read instead of wait for video to roll by? I can read through a video transcript in a small fraction of time compared to having to sit through a video. And my comment is…I'm glad you're charging for Ubersuggest. There's no reason you shouldn't make good money on your significant investment in that. It's worth a lot!

  5. Neil sir can you make some post for me.plz sir,.I had tried much time to make a full custom SEO post. but always fail. I hope that you will help me to get adsence approval. I also have a blogger site that scores 85 in your site tool. but I worried about my ADSENSE approval.

  6. Thank you for all your videos. I started my blog last month and m marketing it last month i got only 150 views and this month i have 100 views. My question is that, is my last month views(150) can count in for first 1000 views? Or i need every month different number of views . I m beginner

  7. Hey Neil I Have A Brand New Blog with help of SEO I have ranked on the first page but in the last position how can I Beat those high authority sites plz tell me. Is it possible to beat them

  8. I’m happy you are charging for Uber Suggest Neil, no way should you be holding the bag for those costs. People will spend $100 a month on McDonald’s yet complain about paying for ubersuggest 🤦🏽‍♂️

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