How I Became a Web Developer at Entrepreneur | #devsLife

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In today’s video I talk about my crazy journey before I got my 2nd job as a Web Developer. #devsLife

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40 thoughts on “How I Became a Web Developer at Entrepreneur | #devsLife”

  1. Congratulations, Chris! You did a great job! I am so happy for you that you persevered and finally got to where you wanted to be in the first place! Good for you!

    I absolutely love this quote of yours: It is ok to fail (sometimes!). I am still having a hard time with my impostor syndrome, but hopefully, this will pass when I get more experienced in this field.

    Anyway, Good Luck on this new position! Keep us posted with your super-progress 🙂

  2. i got an interview, and it is not going well man, they give me a coding test and i need to finish it within 5 days, and the question is too damn hard for me as a junior, now i feel like giving up i cant do it 🙁 i have 4 days left with no progress at all

  3. Dude, soo f'n epic and congratulations! What an inspiration. Heck your confidence is soo much different than when i last viewed one of your videos!. Keep up the hard work my good dude. Can't wait to join the club.

  4. i loved this video man , i was studying Css layouts last night and i got to a point where i hit a wall i couldnt figure out what to do so i quitted and went to sleep , i woke up this morning and i came to see this video AGAIN for a second time you are a pure example of what hard work and dedication does and watching you grow as a Developer has been very inspiring Thanks man i cant wait to see what the future holds for me 🙂

  5. Bro, it must be the workings of God why I came across this video, about a year ago I got the chance to start working as a Junior Developer for a small company I knew nothing about coding not even HTML, at the time the leading developer was supposed to teach me while on the job and that didnt work out at all I wasn't getting anything. but something happened along the way one month in the lead developer quit I got called in a meeting with the heads of the company and ask me that I would need to take the lead until they can find a replacement.

  6. Chris thanks for this video, very inspiring. I can feel your sincerity and honesty while giving advice based on your experiences. God bless you in your new company and continue to be an inspiration to others.

  7. Please chris make a video on Javascript Interview questions ………….I m also learnig front end developer courses from last 3 months and now im planning to move for a job,,,,,,,,,,,,pleasee give some tips on interview……i m Great fan of u. from india

  8. Hi Chris. I didn't know you have an Instagram account… I added you today @HarveyZQ. I used to be a Civil Engineer some years ago, I built more than 2000 homes back-home (Colombia), and I made a change in my life trying to become a Developer Junior. I started one year ago learning how to developed iOS and android apps without any previous experience, then I realised that my lack of knowledge on HTML, CSS, Javascript, php, MySQL were a huge barrier to achieve anything as a developer. That's why I started to learn by myself, and at up until now I have read more than 10 books about programming languages and so on. I developed trying to work as a freelance in Canada because the labour is pretty tough here… but you give me a lot of hope sharing us your experience !

  9. Hello Chris, thanks for ur videos, they are very positive and inspiring.
    I have a question for you, I am also trying and learning to become a front-end developer, I know very godd html css and some JS, so which JavaScript course will you recomend on Treehouse or other ?
    I really hope you will answer.
    All the best from Bosnia and Herzegvina!

  10. You are a real inspiration for me. I started learning code for about one and half year ago: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP and Laravel. I applied to many jobs, but they told me that I'm not good enough, but I still learned and never given up. For about a month ago I got hired as a Jr. web developer in Laravel. Thanks for your great videos and keep going. Greetings from Romania.

  11. Thanks for the video very inspiring. I am dealing with burn out sometimes after going through so many hours of tedious video tutorials I just have to take a step back and take a break for a week sometimes and then I learn I have to learn css frameworks like sass and less and i wonder when it will ever end it's very frustrating sometimes I feel like I will be 90 years old before I'm employable. It's not that it's really hard comprehension wise, I am already over most of that hurdle , but there is so much ground to cover like python or something for back end and all the front end stuff ahhhhhh!

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