How I Got To $40,000 Per Month In 1 Year Selling Services To Local Business

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24 thoughts on “How I Got To $40,000 Per Month In 1 Year Selling Services To Local Business”

  1. I've had my moving company 2.5 years now, stuck at 30-40k per month for the last year. Finally, breaking through, biggest tip I can give you is "strategic partnerships". Wish you the best. I feel like its the "hire another op manager" stage which means you have to hold down the GM and op position together until you hire 2 op managers which is expensive. Of course our business is different than yours but the matrix model is very useful and scalable for most industries. Strategic partnerships give you new flows of streamlined business that take less resources to manage while increasing your net for that new management hiring cost. At least that's my theory and its working. #abundance vs #scarcity – take the L while you expand and eat that $100k up my friend.

  2. Been contemplating a ssma for a while. Your content has sealed the deal. I'm going to redo my existing site and get it ranked then get a new site outta the sandbox using your over the shoulder strategies. Keep up the good work

  3. Hey Ruan. Could I ask for your course. I wouldnt ask if I could pay for it. I know it's worth 5k. If I had the 1k I would by it. What can I do for you so that you could say. Ok I'll give this guy my course. Let me know. TagR😉….also sas?

  4. I've lost all my clients running an FB ads agency. FB ads are not as good as these gurus make out. Like you said in the video I was focusing on getting clients and not the service may get into SEO instead.

  5. Awesome stuff man! I remember checking out your channel almost a year ago and it has a lot more more cool content now. I'm also scaling a SEO agency and recently moved into CT! Let me know if you would be down to meet up sometime and also, you're up for it – I would like to do a friendly challenge to see who can scale and hit 100k per month faster in 2019 😀

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