How I Ranked "New York SEO" #1 In Less Than 90 Days

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In today’s video I cover exactly how I ranked the keyword “new york seo” in less than 90 days:

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44 thoughts on “How I Ranked "New York SEO" #1 In Less Than 90 Days”

  1. Ruan. . . You're the best in the game. I hope you personally read this. Best SEO teacher. You have a gift man. you and your other SEO buddies should have a sco competition to see who can ranked first on Google. Kind of like a SEO super bowl. You'll probably make a lot of money doing it

  2. Hey mate I’m super impressed and I also think you present the video well. So I have subscribed to your channel.

    But pal a bit of feedback I think isn’t great on your video which you should of edited is like the part on 3:423:54 where the videographer is telling you what to say next (that should of been edited out tbh).

    But all in all it’s mega impressive and huge congrats on that pal

  3. yeah, but then I check your page in my developer console and looks like you have some malformed JSON+LD according to Facebook Pixel, yet you STILL ranked. it's pretty unbelievable, thanks for the video, thumbs up.

  4. Hey Ruan, I’m back again! Love the content! I am helping a buddy start up an auto detailing business I was looking you up on Ahrefs your number one for like 10 different major keywords! Anyway you can tell me where to buy those backlimks specifically on fiverr or elsewhere? Thank you!

  5. I’m new here. Awesome information!! I’m trying so hard to start my own business and digital marketing seems to be what I want to go for. The biggest thing I like about this service is that everyone involved benefits.

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