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How I Got into Web Development? Why I left behind Web Design?


– 1. Javascript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley:

– 2. You Don’t Know JS:




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35 thoughts on “HOW I’VE LEARNED WEB DEVELOPMENT | My Story”

  1. Motivational story! Do you have international clients or clients from your country ? Because I want to start the same but I am from Germany and the living costs are much higher here. My goal are at least 200k a year (with a few employes of course) and I am not sure if thats possible with web development because of guys in india who work for 2$/hour

  2. Hey Adrian, thanx for motivation.
    I started js after learning HTML/CSS, from w3schools.
    After that I started You don't know js series n I have read 1st 2 books.
    Yeah, Some concepts r not crystal clear to me.
    Do you thing JavaScript enlightenment will helpful I that case?
    Plz guide me………

  3. fa-o si in romana, mai multe video-uri si in romana. Sunt multi care vor sa urmeze ramura asta si avem nevoie de continut si in romana ca doar suntem romani.
    Eu iti dau like si subscribe dar cu speranta de a urma si continut in romana.

  4. Și un sfat : străinii sunt rău intenționați , "to put it mildly" , așa că încearcă să ajuți românii , vorbind în românește aici , și aș dori să punem la un punct un FREELANCER.RO în care să ne ajutăm noi pe noi cu sfaturi și cu profit în bani , de ce nu ?

  5. You are the best blogger on YT discussing programming and other geek hobbies/professions. I saw another video with you in it earlier this year, and could not remember your channel, so this time, I am subscribing immediately! Thank you for the honest content. Can't ask for more.

  6. Yes you want to make several 10,000's in the US lol. You make 20,000 USD in the US and your considered poor by the US Gov't. You will struggle hard with anything less.

    You will still struggle at anything less than $30,000 USD. It's difficult here. Things costs a lot of money.

    A belt from a dept. store costs $40.00 USD and add about 8% sales tax roughly for any state you live in and any shipping costs if you buy online. This is for a nice leather belt!

  7. hy i am from pakistan i am new qammer in this course i feel very difficulty in this regard i dont know what to learn and what to skip uhhh first semister but i am exauhctic already

  8. Wew! Finally A Web Developer's Journey I Can Relate To.

    I especially loved your advice for never stop learning.
    This field has too much to learn and that's the most fascinating and motivating thing about it.
    Best of Luck Bro! ☺

    Well, can I please get your
    company website's URL.

  9. Great video! I'm a civil engineer myself. I started to learn coding as a hobby 2 months ago but I like it a lot. I can't tell yet of course if I'll make a carrier change in the future but I would lie if I said I haven't played with the idea. My main concern would be if I could sorta try myself out in the field with minimal risk. And by that I mean without leaving my current job. Could freelancing be an option or just offer my help on ongoing projects? I might get ahead of myself since I'm not at the level of taking jobs yet but it would be interesting to know.

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