How Long Does It Take to Get SEO Results for a New Website?

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Wondering how long it takes to get SEO results for a new website?

You need to watch this because I’ll show you data-driven proof of how long it takes.

And make sure you watch the entire video because I share an SEO tactic I’ve never shared on my channel before.

Tools mentioned:
➖ SEMRush ▶️
➖ Surfer ▶️
➖ Grammarly ▶️

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26 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Get SEO Results for a New Website?”

  1. Idea for project/video :

    How long does it takes for a new website with using only free tools. Meaning no dollar spend on something like Moz, SEMRush or any SEO tools available.

  2. One thing, I have noticed of your internal linking of your site as you talk about topic clusters in the video.

    I went through your site and I didn't find any main primary page and cluster of subtopics that link back to main page.

    Which page is your primary page for YouTube?

    I can see the review links you have added in Vidiq vs Tubebuddy but you have not added link back to comparison article from Tubebuddy article.

    How do you manage topic clusters?

    Do you have any topic clusters pages on your site that you would like to share?

  3. Nathan, awesome presentation. Although this sounds so scary to realize it takes about 1 – 2 years to rank a new website, it is the reality of the situation. But it is also comforting to also note you can still reduce the amount of time to half if you follow the correct process. So you need guidelines!!!

  4. Nathan, When I watch your first video on youtube,I subscribed because you are providing us the value that is worth 10 of 1000s of dollar.I have accepted you, my SEO guru. I💖💖😍😍😍 love you and appreciate you.Salute You Nathan😍🥰🥰😎

  5. Hi Nathan I've been working in the SEO industry for 12 years now. I have just uncovered GotchSEOin 2019.I’ve been following experts in the area but I can say that you actually providing the most effective strategies out. I have learned from you that we must rethink SEO in a different way to get results faster.

    IMO categorizing keywords in clusters in a strategy that deserves reflection and much effort.
    Sorry I have not good English I’m better at French.

  6. Hey nathan SUPER shot in the dark but I can't seem to find you anywhere else online but if you're in need of a Freelancer who is passionate about SEO please feel free to message back. I will work for Free I just want to learn from you.

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