How Long Does It Take To Rank #1 On Google? [FREE Local SEO Course Part 2]

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How long does it take to rank on the Google search engines? How can you perform a local SEO analysis to understand what your competitors are ranking for? In this video, we cover everything that does for their clients when looking into a local marketplace

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24 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Rank #1 On Google? [FREE Local SEO Course Part 2]”

  1. I’m in a similar space where my competitors are all established. If you are a service business (not an agency), any ideas on how to approach this? Would it just be choosing less-common keywords?

  2. Pls make it shorter . We are Enterpreneur , we are short in time. Dont explain too much , we are smart . Give us index or summary so we wanna make sure we dont spent time for wrong content.
    And salute, for sharing your wisdom.

  3. This is great. Are you posting more or is there somewhere we can get the course at? Why isn't it available? I want to learn all of it, we all do!!!!

  4. Wow, Ruan.
    I like your real examples. All local SEO businesses need to watch your content.
    Albert Einstein said if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Ruan always explains everything simply.
    You need to create different landing pages for PPC and SEO. PPC is extremely competitive and overwhelmed with a lot of competitors. Today businesses can earn from PPC when they cooperate with customers a few times during six months. Even more, these customers need to bring new ones. Then your ROI will satisfy your intent.
    Customize your content before launching campaign. Hubspot has over 200 different landing pages because this company personalize their content to different customers.
    For SEO it’s important to create one piece of content for one group of keywords. You can’t use similar content because Google and users don’t like duplicate content in your structure.
    Want more content and good advice.

  5. Hello Ruan! Greetings from Brazil!

    I Started to watch your videos 3-4 months ago, the same time that I quit the agency i was working for to open my own agency. Your content is a really treasure and can change the life of who is watching.

    I have a question for you and would be thankful if you could answer: Whats is your opinion about page builders (Elementor, Divi)? Does it affect website speed to baddly?
    I'm not good at coding :/ But I can work really well wwith wordpress and plugins.

    Your team create wonderful websites! I ran WP Scan and realized that you don't use wordpress, but I found Divi in one of your Strutucture. I'm not telling where here in the comments, but I think you know.

    You rocks!

    Sorry about my english, trying to do my best 😀

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