How Many Backlinks To Rank A Website On Google?

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In this video, we cover how many backlinks are needed to rank a website in the Google search engine.

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Ranking a website in the search engine takes analysis and effort. By finding out how many links you will need to rank a website, you can predictably build links to accommodate

To start doing this, simply search your competitor in a backlink analysis tool and see how many “do-follow” links they have.

After seeing that number, you can pretty much guess how many links will be necessary to get the Google ranking.

You can also check out what the average amount of links on the first page are and go from there, by doing this you can see an average of what the first page results have.

When building out your PBN network, you must understand how many links that you will actually need to rank


33 thoughts on “How Many Backlinks To Rank A Website On Google?”

  1. So what I am missing is actully how to pull this off:
    – How do we host it for not to be detected?
    – how to we purchase the expired domains? on namecheap all of them or we have several accounts?
    – Do I need to change IP when I use this.

  2. Amazing video Ruan, did you ever get penalized for using PBN's? Also, I am sorry but I have created 6 PBN's bought on Fiver. These PBN's contain all of my 6 similar keywords. Is it going to harm my url?

  3. Great post. What I do miss is how you approach this method for a blog. Because its blogpost has a different URL and most of us do post several blogposts per month. If we can only get 3 backlinks per month It will take forever if each of your blog posts needs 5-7 backlinks. What do you recommend?

  4. Sir,
    I've found one error in my sitemap which shows you don't have any urls on your sitemap. I've my website which is developed in CMS. My site doesn't support cPanel, so there's no option to upload from the online sitemap generate tools. I've also checked all in one and yoast plugin too but it does not get any positive solution. Kindly guide me.

  5. Literally he is an affiliate of Ahref. And you don't want to pay thousands of dollars to get backlinks of competitors. Jus one magic term in Google to get it….trust me.

    I'm in to 5 years of SEO….never use Ahref

  6. Hey Ruan, thanks for all the great content you're sharing.
    What would be a good strategy to do local SEO for someone who provides services but doesn't have an office/fixed location?
    For example, a personal trainer in San Jose?
    Would it differ much from the regular strategy?

  7. Wow, this is a great video – thanks Ruan – just want to add – you want to check the trust scores for the top 3 sites of the serp and make sure you have enough PBN links to reach it- I use majestic for this. So if they have a trust score of an average of 20 – you want to have 25 when you are done. I also would optimize my on-page to rank for specific keywords and for the PBN I just use brand or naked – or generic and never really go for the exact match. this is on the very very safe side –

  8. In month we use pbn for naked Url and branded anchor right.. but tell me should we need to buy another new pbn networks for 2nd month link building or we are going to use same previous one for 2nd and 3rd month?

  9. Ruan, im trying to rank a photography site which, like many businesses, has different types of services within it. My question is: Is it as simple ranking a local business on page 1 for a service page as it is for whatever the main page is targeting?

  10. Ruan, if you're ever in Minneapolis. I will buy you several pints. I think I devoured your content within the week of discovering you and the result of that, I earned about 1600$ doing audits about to go to a chiropractor.

    If there are any hustlers here wanting shortcuts, I have about 20 lead generation websites that are designed that just need backlinks to get powered up. HMU.

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