How to Boost Search Rankings Using Website Design?

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Web designing was initially meant as a tool to make websites aesthetically pleasing, arrange text and images in a useful and orderly manner and include eye-catching and action-prompting buttons. However, these are not enough anymore. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed the designing utility drastically.

As SEO is still in its development stages, innovative techniques are being developed each day to achieve higher search rankings. Understanding SEO techniques in one go is impossible. Some of the fundamental principles of SEO are listed here.

• Pay more attention to the code than the actual design of the website. The look and feel of the site are much easier to create with codes. Using descriptive tags in your page structure makes it easy for search engines in indexing them.

• Even though keywords are very important to earn higher search rankings, overdoing them will result in penalties being imposed for keyword stuffing.

• Take it easy while using Flash. Although it may look tempting to use Flash, it is not easily comprehensible for search engines.

• Using alt tags for images is useful as search engines recognize them and including keywords will help the site appear in search results.

• Each page of the site should be named exclusively based on the topic included in them. Having the same title will confuse the search engines and lead them to think that these pages deal with the same topic.

• Assign specific and descriptive titles to links.

• Before launch, take a final decision regarding the URL. That is, wherever you want to keep the prefix of www. or not. These are recognized as different websites by search engines. By using them both on different occasions, you will end having duplicate content, which can erode your search rankings.

• Inbound links are essential for improving your SERP. Having great content is one way to ensure this. Going for reciprocal links is another way.

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