How to Build Backlinks WITHOUT Creating New Content

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Learn 4 powerful link building strategies to build backlinks to your website without creating new content.
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The biggest reason why the majority of pages don’t rank on a website is because they don’t have enough links.

In this tutorial, Sam shares the SEO techniques that you can use to create more backlinks without writing new content.

The first step involves looking at the top 10 ranking pages for your target keyword. You’ll discover a way to see the top 100 backlinks pointing at any page for free. You’ll also learn to filter for good link prospects that you can start pitching your content to.

In the next tactic, you’ll learn how to look for similar pages with links that aren’t necessarily ranking in the top 10. To do this, you’ll learn how to use Content Explorer and apply some powerful filters that will do the job for you.

Next, you’ll learn how to find active blogs you can pitch guest posts to. This will help you save time by reaching out to only websites that are more likely to accept guest post pitches.

Another important link building tactic you’ll learn is resource page link building. This is a great strategy to use since you can get links in slightly broader topics within your niche.

In this video, Sam takes you through effective link building strategies to find more link prospects to link to your existing content and ultimately grow your site’s traffic.

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25 thoughts on “How to Build Backlinks WITHOUT Creating New Content”

  1. Hi Sam,
    I am new in SEO world. I watched your backlink tutorials. Seriously these tutorials help me a lot to understand the SEO. Nice videos and great tatics. I have confusion in your tatic number 2. My confusion is that how can I approach for backlink for my existing content through tatic number 2. First of all, links that shows in the content explore list those are not in top 10 results? And other thing is that what should I do? Should I pitch the backlink websites of the content explore list for my existing content? or should I pitch the content explore result list websites for my existing content?
    Could you clarify my confusion? Waiting for your positive response.

  2. Can you give me some instructions on how i can find blog comments from my competitors link list, please? Is there a sign or any filtering system i can use to find those particular links? Thanks in advance

  3. I just have to be honest and say that I motherfuckin HATE building backlinks. I can't even get sites that "no shit" mention a site by name to add links. It's such a time suck asking / begging / hoping people link to your site. Offering to guest post gets you nowhere also. It's very demoralizing.

  4. I have not worked on my website for more than 4 months and its all posts ranked dropped. Can now my website ranks can get better after I start working again or is it waste? Or should I work on new website as this website is 3 Years old. Please help me out ..

  5. Great tutorial Sam 👍 the most effective link building strategy for me was your broken link building King fu. People are over the moon and quite happily link out to you when you enlighten them about their terrible user experience lol. 💪👍

  6. Backlinks are so commonly misunderstood topic in seo! Many think to get tonnes of backlinks is needed in seo and they go crazy getting them! They even use some dodgy providers in Fiverr to get 1000 backlinks to their site! I think backlinks are only part of the equation and so super glad u did this video to address the GAP! Great channel and great video as always… you always inspire me to do more for the seo community at large too! Thanks 🙏

  7. Without a doubt the best backlink advice before content creation is ➡ what does my audience want/need to read and how would publishers react to it? Does it match their audience's desires and needs? If not, don't expect a backlink.

  8. Thanks for the video excellent as always!!….I have a YouTube related question and I hope you can help: is the a query that help me to find all the comments from a specific person or user in a YouTube channel? It is not my channel but I want to find all of the comments of that person in the channel. Any advice? Many thanks in advance. Thanks!!!!

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