How to Configure Drupal 7 Node References with the EVA Module – Creating Event Registrations

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In this drupal video tutorial , we look at automatic node references in Drupal 7. Using the Node Reference Url, References, EVA and Views modules, we create an event registration system where our event nodes have a registration link for site visitors which automatically directs them to a registration form that is associated with the event. The tutorial takes it a step further and shows you how to list all registrants on the event node as well. This Node Reference Tutorial expands on episode 37 of Mustard Seed Media’s video podcast which shows similar functionality for Drupal 6.

NOTE: Since this video tutorial, Drupal 7.7 was released and a new version of views. To make this work in Views, the contextual filter has changed – you need to select ‘add contextual filters’ dialog, chose ‘Content: Event(field_event)’ and press the ‘Add and configure contextual filters’ button. In the next dialog chose ‘Provide default value’ option and you will be prompted with ‘Type’ combo box. Select ‘Content ID from URL’. Hit ‘Apply’ and save the view definition. Big thanks to Rama for pointing this out!

– Pete


21 thoughts on “How to Configure Drupal 7 Node References with the EVA Module – Creating Event Registrations”

  1. Very helpful, thank you. I don't have an immediate need but I do use node references quite a bit so will use this soon. Didn't know about the url widget to automatically "choose" — I have wondered about this but never investigated. And I can imagine all kinds of uses for the EVA module.  Drupal just keeps being amazing.  Frustrating at times, certainly, but the possibilities just keep multiplying.

  2. Hi, i followed all your steps but i have a problem. i created the link called (register for this event) but its only showing at the bottom of each teasers and not in the full content (meaning clicking on the event) its just not showing what can i do please and also is there away to create a block showing whos going to come to the event. 

  3. Hi Yaworsk1, It was a great tutorial . found it very useful
    Now , where do i set permission so that the link appears for authenticated user or anonymous? 
    cus i see link only when i am logged in as admin.

  4. Hi Yaworsk1,

    I was wondering, if you could help me out with this one.
    I would like the "Register for event" to open up in Colorbox. 
    I have downloaded the 'Colorbox Node' module, and it says, that all I need to do is add a class around the link.

    But where is the Link generated, and can I add a default class to that "Register for event" link?


  5. Thanks for the tutorial.
    But for next time, please disable the video preview of yourself. There's no need for you to take up screen space and show yourself speaking. We can hear you, but don't need to watch you talk 🙂
    In stead we do need to see all of your screen, so that we see all links etc., that you create and click on.

    But again… thank you for the tutorial!

  6. Hi Peter, Great video.  But, I can't quite get it to work.  The teaser never shows up.  You don't really show how the event type is set up.  I think I may have a mutation of related modules……It looks like the just the registrations module, and Entity registrations modules should do the job.  I have a whole lot of close, but no cigar.  I saw on your site you're not looking for work, but I'd love to drop $100 in your coffer for an hour or less of your time.  I'm a .net developer that fell into a Drupal dev contract.  95% was pretty painless – the last 5% is pretty painful  🙂  Thanks for reading my woeful post.

  7. Is registration module will work for Event registration?. If so can you please help me how it will be achieved? because you know i think here the requirement is registration for particular event, and if the event finished we need to disable that option…

  8. sorry, it is would be difficult / time consuming to explain. you should really have a custom module that checks if the date of the event occurs in the past and if so, disables the registration functionality (i.e., a custom submit function that sets an error on the registration form submit if the current date occurs after the event or whenever registration is closed). If you are looking for something like this out of the box, you may be better of with one of the registration modules on drupal

  9. Hi yaworsk1,

    Actually i have doubt like how can i disable automatically the event registration button once event finished. Means event content will be there but just i want to hide/disable the registration link/button.

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