How to Do Keyword Research for a NEW Website (2019 Tutorial)

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do keyword research to find keywords you SHOULD target. The result? More rankings and organic traffic for your website.
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In this video, you’ll learn how to do keyword research in 2019 for a brand new website. Even if you have an existing website, you’ll learn some tips to better structure your keyword targeting for long term growth.

First, you’ll learn what a seed keyword is and a few ways to brainstorm a massive list of keywords.

You’ll then learn an effective trick that you can use to filter your list down to the keyword ideas that you want to target.

Next, you’ll learn how to identify 3 types of keywords. Each type is important and the way you target them should be different.

These are:

1. Low Competition Keywords
You’ll learn how to find such keywords by using filters on keyword research tools. You’ll then learn a method to decide between targeting multiple keywords with one page, or creating individual posts targeting a single keyword.

2. Link-Bait Worthy Topics
You’ll learn how creating content around such topics can help rank other pages and build authority across your website. You’ll also learn how to reverse engineer the success factors of pages that have already generated a ton of links.

3. Money Terms
You’ll learn how to focus on transactional intent and identify keywords that will be your core revenue drivers.

Once you have your list of keywords, you’ll learn how to identify search intent for each of your keywords.

Another important thing you’ll learn is how to assess ranking difficulty by analyzing the SEO metrics of the top ranking pages. This step helps you understand what it’ll take for you to outrank who you’re up against.

Finally after qualifying your target keywords, you’ll find out how to extract subtopics based on the keyword rankings from the top 5 relevant pages. This process gives you valuable “clues” of related subtopics you should include in your content.

Keyword research isn’t rocket science. It’s a data-driven process.

Using the process outlined in this tutorial, you’ll be able to find the keywords that truly matter to your business.

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42 thoughts on “How to Do Keyword Research for a NEW Website (2019 Tutorial)”

  1. At a certain point Google is going to adjust their algorithm to counter all of these seo tools.. Everyone just copying each other.. Then the copied sites get copied until nothing is left for anyone. Yes.. Everything is saturated. That's why there are so many "gurus" out there 😭

  2. as well informative as always.
    But I actually love your 1 or 2 years ago tongue when you started your first tutorials.
    It sounds better, powerful, assertive.
    I get more alert watching.

  3. Why you recommend a tool like ahrefs for someone that is just starting to build a website? A tool that you have to pay to use it? At the begining of a website.. you dont have the money to do that!!! It doesnt make sense!!

  4. Where do you get your data from for ahrefs? I tried searching organic keywords for my website and for 1 keyword, Ahrefs was telling me my site was position 4 and I had gone down 1 position. When I searched on Google, I found for that keyword my site was #27!…Not even close! Am I missing something here?

  5. Hi Sam, thanks for your awesome videos, I always watch them when you upload them and everytime I learn something new thanks for that :). I have two questions for you:
    – you never use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords ideas ? For example to find the money pages ?
    – Wouldn't it be easier to simply look at the organic keywords of your competitors and spot the most important ones ? What would be the downside of this method?

    Thanks :).

  6. Hi, do the total number of articles on a site affect the ranking?

    For example, can a single-page site or a site with a few pages get in the top of google results for a keyword, if for example receives many backlinks?

    Are there statistics about this?

    Thanks Ahrefs

  7. LOVE the easy-to-digest and implement tutorials, Sam! Kinda funny that I'd never heard of Google Correlate. Went to check it out based upon the mention here, and find it "shutting down as a result of low usage." It looks like a potentially useful tool. I can sympathize with G, though. Think I abandoned a site in 1997 after about a year due to nobody magically showing up. :p

  8. i remember that in one or more of your blog posts and other videos about keyword research, you said that for analyzing the ranking difficulty we should pay attention to 1-RD 2-UR 3-DR, but you didn't mention UR in this video,Why? google's alghoritm tries to judge and rank the results at the page level, ain't that right? and i think all factors equal a high authority page from a weak domain can outrank a weaker page from a powerfull domain.

  9. It's Really a great video for us to find the exact targeted keyword for our website or Youtube videos…

    Here are some most important Keyword research tools.

    Google Trends

    Keyword Shitter

    AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

    Answer the Public

    Google Correlate

    Keywords Everywhere

    Wordtracker Scout

    Google Search Console


    Hope you all enjoy this.

    Thanks, Ahrefs

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